14-Days of Loving Me

Self-love isn’t selfish. It’s quite the opposite actually. Loving myself is intrinsically connected to the Greatest Commandment (hello, “love my neighbor AS MYSELF”). I haven’t met very many women who wouldn’t benefit from loving herself more. We’re actually taught in a hundred different ways from a young age that we aren’t enough.

Self-hatred is far more prevalent than self-love. This is not the pathway toward wholeness, Ezer!

That’s why we created a “14-Days of Loving Me” Wholeness Challenge. If you are going to increase wholeness in your life and leadership, you must say “YES” to the neverending journey to love yourself more completely and truly.

These are 3 reasons why loving myself is so necessary and profound…

Loving myself is an act of resistance.

Self-love resists the lie that I’m supposed to be something or someone else. There’s some defiance in loving myself exactly as I am today, not who I want to be tomorrow, or who anyone else would prefer me to be. Radically loving myself beckons a metaphorical middle finger to the patriarchy (in the name of LOVE, of course! 😉) and resists that being a man is somehow better than being exactly who I am.

Loving myself is an act of surrender.

I used to hate the word surrender. It sounded like giving up or giving in to someone else’s desires for me. It felt weak. Now, I see that surrender is powerful. It’s a vulnerable posture to release what you cannot change and accept something you cannot do for yourself.

Loving myself is an act of embrace.

Sometimes I give myself a hug, not because I’m not well-loved but because I need to physically remind myself that I’m held and loved by the God who created me. And it’s my holy responsibility to hold that truth well. Embracing who God made me to be is some of the most important internal work I do. Embracing my flaws, failures, foibles, and freakiness is important.

I need love notes to remind
myself that loving myself is good work.

The older I get, the more I believe that loving yourself is one of the most powerful actions of resistance, surrender, and embrace you can do as a woman in this world.

One of our coaches, Jocelyn Peirce, created a phenomenal 14-day wholeness challenge to help you resist, surrender, and embrace who you are. Download the challenge and read 14 daily affirmations and respond to a prompt that will practically help you love yourself better. You’ll not only read Jocelyn’s beautiful and bold words, but you’ll also take action every day to love yourself more wholly.

Take the challenge and see how you
become more whole as you love yourself, Ezer.

Here’s a sneak peek of the challenge. It’s as pretty as it is powerful.