28 Days of Love Notes to Myself

why looking for hearts will expand your heart ❤️

Have you ever noticed that when you need to buy a new car and decide your top choice, all of a sudden you see that exact make/model/color riding all over the streets? It’s not because suddenly everyone has bought that car. It’s because what you focus on expands your awareness.

This week I was listening to Mel Robbins’ podcast and she was talking about how we can re-train our brain to get rid of the mind trash and focus more on what’s good and true.



She suggested a practice I LOVE: look for hearts everywhere you go.

  • in nature and food
  • in patterns and designs
  • in images and media
  • in printed material and textiles
  • …wherever your eyes wander, look for hearts

While you may not be consciously looking for hearts, you’re subconsciously alerting your brain to focus on seeing hearts. Before you know it, you’ll be seeing hearts wherever you go.

Then, when you see a heart, remind yourself of something loving, true, and good. You’ll re-train your heart and mind in the way of love. You’ll be focusing your heart and mind on loving thoughts, not negative, self-sabotaging, limiting, fearful, or anxious thoughts. It’s not woo-woo, it’s science.

Which brings me back to our ”Love Notes to Myself” Wholeness Challenge. It’s a month of daily love notes just for you. It’s a daily practice to focus your heart on words of love toward yourself. See for yourself.

If you know someone who’d benefit, please share with them. God knows our hearts and minds need to align with more the truth about who we are and what we do. ❤️

You can share and download it HERE.

It’s so cheesy, but teamwork really makes the dream work. 😍

I’m more convinced than ever that women supporting women aren’t only more successful, they are more whole. As we continue celebrating love this month, give a few women in your life some love this weekend.


PS. If you completed our survey for the Warrior Woman community, thank you! We’re super excited about changes and additions we’re making for you. You’ll get a sneak peek very soon! Stay tuned. 😍