#3 Hurdle to Joining a Coaching Group: Someday


Someday I’ll invest in mysel
Someday I’ll have time to pursue my dream.
Someday I’ll have money to go after what I want.
Someday I’ll know what I actually want.
Someday I’ll pursue my goals.
Someday I’ll shift my habits and get healthier.
Someday the time will be right.

SOMEDAY NEVER COMES. It’s always out there in the abstract future. Someday is a word stuffed with regret. Someday reveals the longing and desire but leaves us empty and wanting.

Someday is a hurdle you need to remove if you are going to live and lead with wholeness.

What if instead ‘someday’ begins today?

One myth about coaching is that it’s NOT about living in the future. It’s about identifying what you want for your future. Then, shifting how you participate and show up differently in your life today so what you want “someday” inevitably happens.

Coaching turns someday into today.

If you’ve caught yourself saying “someday I’ll participate in a coaching group”, this may be your wake-up call to shift someday to today.

Imagine what could be different 6 months from now if you say “YES” to yourself and your dreams, goals, and wholeness.

Register for May Coaching Groups closes Monday at midnight. Links below to register. Don’t let the regret of someday be your reality.