5 Ways to Celebrate Her

Since it’s Women’s History Month, I wanted to take the opportunity to help you celebrate and support the women in your life with more deliberateness and thoughtfulness. Obviously, you care about partnership with women. 🙌🏾 Why else would you be on our email list!?!? 😉

You’ve likely heard me say, the response to patriarchy isn’t matriarchy, it’s partnership. So, we’re doubling down this month by sharing ways you can celebrate her and support her–both at home and at work.

Let’s begin with 5 ways to celebrate her…

say ‘thank you’

I guarantee she doesn’t hear enough that she is enough and what she gives is enough. Write her a note. Pull her aside. However you say thank you, use your words specifically and personally.

give her time for herself

Every woman I know is aching for time to herself – to do what she wants. Celebrate her contributions with a few hours to herself. Or an evening out with her girlfriends. Or a surprise Friday off work–paid!

call out her wins

Celebrating ourselves is tough. More often then not we’re focused on what’s next or what didn’t go perfectly. Call out the last 3-5 wins you’ve seen her crush. Public affirmation is even better. They don’t have to be big wins. Celebrating any win is meaningful! 

give her a gift

Go beyond a Starbucks gift card. What’s her favorite restaurant? Place to shop for herself (not the fam!)? Spa experience? Give her a gift she wouldn’t give herself. It’ll go a long way!

show her the money

Is she overdue for a raise? Can you swing a bonus? Are you able to increase her personal development budget? As men, you disproportionately hold financial assets. Money speaks.

How will you celebrate the women in your life this month? I’d love to hear. Celebrating her is certainly not a once a year activity, but this month can shift your thoughts, practices, and mindset to celebrate the women in your life and leadership even more. 

We’re better together, brother. 

Thank you for being a man who desire to use his privilege and power for greater partnership.

PS. Want to work together? Coaching men and teams is one of my sweet spots. After 20 years of being a lone woman in leadership, I love working with men who want to do better with the women on their team. Let’s talk.