Our Story

Established in March 2019
with scrambled eggs, champagne, +
thousands of butterflies

I’d never started a company from scratch, so I had no idea when it’d be best to officially launch Ezer & Co. That’s until my then-9-year-old daughter decided to do her school oral presentation on International Women’s Day. If you don’t know my Ethiopian girl, she’s so much like her momma, though I didn’t bear her in my body. She’s strong and sassy, tender and sensitive, opinionated and unsure of herself, powerful and vulnerable. Her speech’s conclusion went something like this:

“International Women’s Day is important because women are strong and powerful and have changed the world.”
— Addise Diaz

Welp, that’s it!

My daughter showed me now was the time to launch, when we’re in the stream of the company of women who’ve gone before us—shattering glass ceilings, breaking down walls, staying the course in opposition, standing in solidarity with each other, holding each other’s babies so we can do it all, fighting against the barriers created to hold us back, smashing the patriarchy one brave action at a time.

Ezer & Co. is a coaching company for women who want to live and lead with their whole self. We’re all about helping you become who you’ve been created to be and fulfill your potential.

The day Ezer & Co. became an official company, March 13th, my attorney-friend, Lady Di and I celebrated with scrambled eggs and toasted champagne at 9 am. It was also the day the painted ladies’ butterfly migration in Southern California was at its peak. Millions of butterflies flew through Orange County in a short few days’ time. It felt like a smile and blessing from God.

Since my infertility years over a decade ago, God’s taught me the transformational journey of becoming a butterfly. It’s ugly. It can be dark, painful, utterly crushing, and totally life-changing. The old is made into something new and when the breakthrough happens, there is freedom and flying.

Transformation can be difficult, but I’m committed to flying.

I bet you are, too.

Sipping champagne at 9 am, watching the butterflies fill the sky on their journey toward freedom, tears fell as I imagined you and me and all we are yet to become.

Better Together,

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Meet our founder & CEO

Enneagram 8w7

I’ve been a visionary and challenger my entire life. I never imagined leading a company like this, and yet I believe in my bones that I’ve been preparing my whole life to build this company of Warrior Women. For 17 years I pastored in two of the most influential churches in the United States. I’ve coached over 1000 people since becoming certified in 2013. I believe we’re created for more than we’re currently experiencing. I’ve spent my entire adult life developing marginalized leaders because I am one, activating them to live and lead with wholeness. Curating and cultivating teams is one of my favorite things (just check out our amazing staff below and team of coaches here). I’m still crazy about my high school sweetheart, Brian, and together we co-parent 3 rapidly growing kiddos (affectionately known as my #FavFour). We love where we live in Orange County, CA.