Are we really for you?

practicing what we preach

I love our Fridays together. These last few, we’ve been in a series about our origin story, about what we believe, and what that looks in real life.

This week is all about who Ezer & Co. is “for” (and not for!) and HOW WE PRACTICE OUR SPIRITUAL COMMITMENT. It’s not enough to say what we believe. It needs to show up in our work. You may have heard it said – don’t tell me what you believe, show me what you do, and I’ll tell you what you believe.

Our practices flow out of our 5 core beliefs (READ HERE IF YOU MISSED IT). It answers the question, “Will Ezer & Co. serve me well?”

We’re unashamedly womanist, anti-racist, and LGBTQ+ affirming.

You don’t have to fully agree, but we will not tolerate behavior that harms women, people of color, or our LGBTQ+ siblings. We also hold space for those who are trying to figure out a more inclusive way of life for each of these three people groups. This aligns with who God is and how Jesus invites us to love one another.
We belong to each other.

We create and hold safe spaces for ALL women to heal, grow, and thrive.

Make no mistake, many places are not safe for women. Our commitment is to provide a safe space for women to show up as their whole selves. We are devoted to holding space for women to process both how she’s been harmed in her identity, gifts, and purpose AND to live more fully into their potential. That means we practice confidentiality, no judgment, and openness.

We are “for” women leading on every level and in every space.

No restrictions. No limits. No gender roles or pre-defined responsibilities. We are committed to cultivating her God-given gifts, passions, and dreams so she can faithfully live out her potential.

We encourage dissidence and challenge our beliefs.

We can disagree with each other and explore ideas we may not align with so we can better articulate and expand our beliefs. We deliberately listen and learn from a variety of voices—many of whom have also been marginalized—for the sake of our wholeness and transformation. Critical thinking is essential for transformation.

We intentionally don’t use “Christianese” or God-gendered language.

It’s human nature to put God in a box. Our language reflects those boxes. We deliberately use alternate language to shake up how and what we have thought, felt, and believed about God so our faith can expand and grow.

We practice and advocate for full mutuality, partnership, and equity.

We smash the patriarchy because it’s not only harmful to women but also destructive to men. Our response to patriarchy is partnership. We lean into relationships that foster those healthy, God-designed dynamics.

I hope you’ve found this series valuable and see yourself even more connected to this community of Warrior Women. Who do you know that needs Ezer & Co.? Please share and invite her to join us!

After 3.5 years of leading Ezer & Co., I’m deeply grateful for every woman and man who trusts us as a guide in their journey to live and lead with wholeness.

I’m “all in” doing this holy work with you. Every step in this transformational journey is worth it because WE are worth it. #micdrop

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