A Rally Cry for Women Everywhere

A Rally Cry for Women Everywhere

It’s hard to find a place to belong.

Our culture rages against women in big strategic ways and little wearisome ways–all day every day and twice on Sunday (sometimes for real in our places of worship).

Ezer & Co. is a place where you both feel like you’re home and you’re challenged to become your whole self. A place you can let your hair down and have your ass kicked when you need it. A place you can laugh and cry in the same conversation. A place you can link arms with women who are deeply like you and yet incredibly different from you. A place you feel totally comfortable where you’re at and uncomfortable staying there.

Our Manifesto is written for you and with you in mind. Our hope is that you’ll find yourself belonging to this company of Warrior Women in meaningful ways. Print it off your computer and put it somewhere you’ll see it often.

We could all use a reminder that we’re not alone. We need to know we belong. We need a rallying cry when we feel marginalized, oppressed, misunderstood, or left out.

Share it with a woman who needs us as much as we need her.

What part means the most to you?

Click the image to download your own copy (aka rally cry).