4 Ways to Move through Resistance with Ease

4 Ways to Move through Resistance with Ease

Resistance is inevitable if you’re committed to live and lead with wholeness.

It’s a sign that you’re actually engaged in your life and leadership!

Shoot, resistance is inevitable if you’re not living on autopilot or asleep in your own life!

The patriarchy and the enemy hate it when women become more whole and achieve big, beautiful things.

Often when we experience resistance, we make excuses and instead of expanding, we shrink back. Excuses waste the resistance and don’t produce anything good within us or the world.

Instead, move through the resistance you’re facing with these four actions:


Of course, there will be resistance when you decide to move forward, break down barriers, make big decisions, advance a good mission, and kill the lies that hold you back! If you want to move forward in your life and leadership, you’ll experience resistance. It’s a good sign.

For me, simply expecting that it’s coming somehow makes it easier to move through with ease.


I ask myself two questions when resistance hits me:

  • What if this isn’t happening to me, but it’s happening for me?

  • What if now is the right time for fill in the blank?

Exploring the answers to those questions will shift your perspective and how you work through the resistance.


Invite others into your experience. We need each other when the going gets tough. (This is why our Warrior Women membership community is so valuable!) Powering up and pushing through is the more difficult way forward. Support and accountability are more essential than toilet paper was in March 2020!


Ignoring the resistance doesn’t work. Accept that what got you here, won’t get you there. Resistance is evidence you’re doing something new that will get you a different result, as well.

I shared more personal examples and fleshed out these four ways in our private Warrior Women membership community.

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Resistance is systemic (boo patriarchy), specific to our own stories, and spiritual in nature. That’s why it feels hard, Warrior!

But resistance is also strengthening. Don’t believe me? Think about how personal trainers use strength training (aka resistance!) to increase your physical capacity.

You become more of your whole self when you move through resistance well.

Don’t resist the resistances when they come at you. They are there for your wholeness.