It’s Never Enough

PHOTO: @krisroller

PHOTO: @krisroller

If you feel like you’re drowning but there’s still a spark within you, you’re not alone. There’s hope.

I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but
💥 it will never be the right time to prioritize yourself
💥 there is never a convenient time to heal and get free
💥 you will most likely never feel like you have “enough” money…

And that’s kinda the whole thing with coaching. Time, energy, and money are all resource issues that can be addressed and that’s what we do in coaching. 

You’re not gonna get the seas parted and a golden invitation that says “life will stop so you can transform.”

We have to make the time. Channel the energy. Find the money. 

But if you were looking for a personal invitation to show up to your life in a new way *today*, here it is. 😇

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Jocelyn Peirce

Ezer + Co. Certified Coach