Physical Wholeness is…

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your physical wholeness?

(1 = I’m a wreck, 10 = at my best) 

Don’t get bummed and throw your device across the room … we got you!

Physical Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

the foundation to your wholeness

I mean, let’s just start with the most intense dimension while we’re at it!

I don’t know one woman who hasn’t struggled with her body or physical wholeness. But the truth is that our physical wholeness matters quite a bit. We describe it like this:

Physical Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

Wholeness begins in your body because it the physical expression of the Imago Dei. I don’t know how often you think about how you reflect the image of God, but you do. And it begins in your body.

Your body—in all its beauty, uniqueness, power, trauma, struggles, and challenges—is the way you get to move through this world. Your body is a temple.

I don’t know that I’ve ever met a woman who adores her body. Our bodies have been judged, attacked, shamed, beat into submission, rebelled, and limited us from so many things.

But our bodies have also carried us through every moment until this one. They’ve been resilient. They’ve healed. They’ve carried and birthed life. They’ve experienced pleasure (sometimes orgasmic pleasure!). They’ve grown and changed and adapted as needed.

Our bodies are brilliant, beautiful, and wonderfully made. YOUR body is brilliant, beautiful, and wonderfully made!

Therefore, it’s your responsibility and privilege to care for her well. To listen to what she needs and provide it for her. Sleep, food, and movement are the essentials.

Your body is your proof of life.

There’s no one-way to physical wholeness. Your path is yours to create in partnership with the God who made you. Your journey toward ever-increasing wholeness begins when you awaken to the life you want to design.

There are both unique and universal ways to pursue physical wholeness. Plus, the mystery of being a woman is that as we age, mature, and transform, our bodies do, too.

Revisit your answer to the question above. Speak your rating out loud, not as a confession but as a proclamation. And as an expression of your desire to increase your physical wholeness. Bonus points if you share with a safe person “why” you gave yourself that number.

Physical is the first dimension because it’s the foundation to your wholeness.

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