Relational Wholeness is…


Do you have at least 1 girlfriend you can be totally vulnerable with?

Relational Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

the sisterhood + partnerships that help you fly and anchor you

Last night I wanted to curl up on the couch and change from my workout clothes into my PJs (tell me this hasn’t been you in the last 30-days), then my friend Shuree texted:

“What are you doing tonight?”

“Crashing. Such a tough week. 🥺 What’s up?”

“Agree. Wanted to see if you could hang and vent. I’ll come to you.”

Five minutes later, we figured out a plan, energy coursing through my veins. The couch didn’t seem nearly as tempting or fulfilling as happy hour with a girlfriend.

Relationships can be fraught with conflict, betrayal, misunderstanding, disappointment, and unmet expectations, but they are also what keeps us alive. Relationships are the spaces we heal, find belonging, learn more about ourselves, and experience the most intimate connection. We were not made to live alone. We need one another and we belong to one another.

We’ve described this dimension like this…

Relational Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

Friendship. Sisterhood. Connection. 

We need relationships like we need water, a sweaty workout, and a good cry.

I don’t know how you make space (or not!) for friendship in this season of your life but say YES to vulnerable connection with your sisters. Make a date in the next week to spend deliberate time with a girlfriend. Your wholeness depends on it.

Relational wholeness is all about the sisterhood + partnerships that help you fly and anchor you.

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