Renewal Retreat Blessing

take what you need: a blessing

by Jocelyn Peirce, Ezer & Co. Coach

May you plant yourself deeply 

so your roots dig down down

deep down

May your roots spread wide

working their way around

anything that dares to 

stand in their way.

May your roots

take everything they need

without apology

because God made this soil

for you.

From dust you were made

to dust you will return

but for now

may this dust nurture you

and fuel your flourishing

So that your hands and arms

may be lifted higher

facing the sun and following

her nourishing gaze

all of your days.

May you drink from the rain

big, slurping, sloppy, noisy gulps

And with every breath you 




you are 




Rooted and grounded

Reaching higher

Breathe deep



As you breathe you are 


and you sustain

the life around you.

This was the closing blessing of our Renewal Retreat, written by Jocelyn Peirce and spoken over 15 women this Saturday morning.

While a blizzard on the east coast and Omicron kept us from being physically together, 15 women gathered together virtually for the renewal retreat. The retreat was designed around the focus of “I am Here. Together with You”. Our purpose was simple yet deliberate—recover your life in a safe space with sisters who will be “here” with you as you move forward this year.

In order to move forward, we need to define where we are today and determine how we can take steps forward that will renew our life.

If you’d like to host a retreat for your community—virtually or in-persondrop us a line and we’d love to provide this beautiful space for your community.