Renewal Wholeness is…

rest is lazy, a luxury, not available for you?

Rest + Recovery Wholeness - Ezer & Co.

the secret dimension to increase energy and avoid burnout

Did you know Ezer & Co. has a Wholeness Assessment? 

We do! There’s nothing like it available. We created it with the guidance of some global experts to help women become really clear on how they’re doing in their wholeness journey and where they can make the simplest shifts to produce the most radical results. The assessment is a comprehensive self-review of 100+ questions in each of the 6 wholeness dimensions. (Currently, the Wholeness Assessment is only available to coaching group participants … yet another reason to join a group!)

One of the consistent findings is that REST + RECOVERY is really difficult for many of us. (Surprised?)

In fact, participants generally discover rest and recovery as the first or second lowest dimension of their wholeness. (Guess what dimension fights for the lowest dimension? Physical!). 

Currently, the two lowest scored questions in this dimension are:

I take at least 24-hours weekly to rest.

Surrendering my plans and agenda is an active practice for my life and leadership. 

Would you score those questions low, too?

We’ve described this dimension like this…

Rest + Recovery Wholeness - Ezer & Co.

Too often we believe lies that we cannot rest. We’ve heard these from women we’ve coached (and ourselves!):

  • We have to take care of everyone else’s needs first.

  • Resting is lazy.

  • Taking time to recover from the pressures of life is a luxury.

  • Rest is only a reward after everything else is done (which rarely happens).

  • Finding space to recover your life is selfish.

  • Play and hobbies are for other people.

  • Busyness is a badge of honor.

And yet, without strategic periods of rest and recovery, you will never live and lead with wholeness. You’re a human BEING, not a human DOING, and our rhythms must reflect that truth. 

If you’re feeling “UGH!” about your own renewal rhythms, here are two invitations for you to rest + recover your life in the next week.

Spend Time without Purpose - Ezer & Co.

Disconnect from Devices - Ezer & Co.

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