Self-help strategies sabotage what you want

There’s a big difference between self-improvement + personal development

We’ve talked all month about love, especially self-love. One of the first things we say in our coaching groups is that your wholeness journey begins with being reminded that you are loved.

Love is the posture and the position in which you pursue wholeness and any goal that matters to you. All of the “should”, shame, and striving won’t get you to where you want to go … at least not as your whole self. Love is the game-changer.

I’ve been leading in the personal development space for almost 25 years, and there’s a GIANT difference between self-improvement/self-help and personal development/transformation. 


  • Scarcity mindset
  • Starts from a belief that you’re not enough
  • Suggests that you’re broken or need to be fixed
  • Situated in the posture that with more effort or force, you can change
  • Singularly-focused instead of communally-focused
  • Stuck on “trying,” which is filled with shame, quitting, and ultimately not achieving your goals
Self-help strategies keep you stuck and sabotage your transformation.

I couldn’t stick with the alliteration here. LOL – sorry, friend.

  • Abundance mindset
  • Starts from a belief that you always have and always will have everything within you to achieve wholeness
  • Suggests your God-given potential, which is your responsibility to grow and fulfill
  • Situated in the posture of your openness and willingness
  • Communally focused, because transformation happens better together and we belong to each other
  • Focused on “training,” which will expand your capacity, build healthy habits, and naturally give you the results you want

See the difference?!? It’s BIG TIME. 

Our language matters a whole lot! It not only changes your approach, mindset, behaviors, and attitude, but it will change your outcome.

We are all about your development and transformation. Not only for YOUR benefit but for increasing the world’s wholeness, as well.

How does this change the way you think about your wholeness journey? I’d love to hear!

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