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Please take a few minutes to complete this form so we can better evaluate your request. Your thorough answers greatly helps our discernment and decision-making process. We will follow-up promptly (usually within 2 business days). Completing this form is not a contract and doesn’t guarantee availability.

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    Speaking Agreements:

    These agreements will be provided in a Speaking Contract once we confirm.

    Travel + Expenses Policy.

    • If traveling by air, Ezer + Co. will book economy round-trip flights.

    • The Client agrees to cover the cost of any additional ground transportation, including ride-sharing, airport-parking costs, car rental + gas, and any associated tolls.

    • The Client agrees to cover meals for the duration of dates, including travel times.

    • The Client agrees to cover the cost of a single, non-smoking hotel room (or like).

    Ezer + Co. will submit an invoice for all travel related expenses, which will be reimbursed within 30 days.

    Deposit, Cancellation + Refund Policy.

    Upon booking, the Client will submit a 10% non-refundable deposit. Cancellation of this event by the Client less than 90 days from event date will result in the loss of deposit PLUS an additional 50% cancellation fee. If the Client cancels event, the Client must also reimburse for any travel (i.e. purchased airline tickets, etc.) and other expenses that have been incurred. *Excludes cancellations due to inclement weather, illness or personal family emergencies, acts of God, government regulation, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, or breakdown in travel services.


    The Client agrees to provide any AV equipment for a MacBook Air that’s required to perform the requested service, including having a VGA cable and sound cords. Please discuss in advance if you desire to record for any purposes.