Spiritual Wholeness is…


Your spiritual wholeness is what gives you meaning and significance in your life and leadership.

Spiritual Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

the supernatural power that centers + empowers you

I was raised in a very spiritual family (or religious, depending on how you define it). Words like “faith”, “trust”, “God”, “Jesus”, “church”, “Bible”, “sin”, “purity”, and so many others were the primary language I was taught to speak. 

My faith not only defined me, but it was also my identity. My spiritual life was the pinnacle of my whole life. Honestly, the other dimensions weren’t NEARLY as important as my spiritual life. Never mind my emotional immaturity, physical unhealth, negligent rest + recovery, or any other stuck dimension of my life. 

Was I reading my Bible? Was I praying? 

Those were the only two questions that mattered. 

Over the decades, my spirituality has matured and I have discovered how essential it is to integrate your spiritual wholeness into the rest of your life. I believe in your wholeness that,

Physical is the foundation, but spiritual is where we experience meaning and purpose.

While wholeness begins in your body, you find purpose in your spirituality.

We’ve described this dimension like this…

Spiritual Wholeness - Ezer + Co.

If you’re like me and you were taught that your spiritual wholeness was measured in reading the Bible and praying more, can I offer you two other practices to increase your wholeness?

These are two of my favorites and sometimes exactly what I need…

Spiritual wholeness is all about the supernatural power that centers + empowers you.

Napping is Spiritual - Ezer + Co.

Cure for Busyness - Ezer + Co.

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