Strangers become sisters over soul food 🧡

I was in Orlando a couple weeks ago for Spring Break (Disney is MAGICAL, y’all!). But I really wanted to gathering a few Warrior Women from our community for a night at Disney Springs. 💃🏾
Here was the thing: they didn’t know each other! Well, Priscilla is Melody’s coach, Andrea and Bri are cousins, but beyond those connections, they didn’t know each other before we met up for cocktails and soul food.
What happened over the next 2+ hours was exactly what I dream for this community of Warrior Women. There was guttural laughter, “oh no you didn’t!” exclamations, thoughtful questions, and shared dessert.
There was also tender vulnerability, “me too!”, shared experiences in coaching, and our hopes for ALL women this coming year.
Melody, Sarah, Bri, Priscilla, and Andrea were strangers at 6pm, but they left as sisters only a few hours later. 
Picture proof 👇🏾😆 (FYI: if you’re fortunate enough to get a leg-wrap-around hug from me, you know I really love you!!!)

Do you have sisters like this who will

  • clink their glass in celebration with you? 
  • ask you that important follow-up question? 
  • listen without giving “feedback” or advice? 
  • call you out when you hold yourself back?  
  • hold you to your commitment and goal?
  • invite you to share your whole story?
  • stand in solidarity with you against the “isms” intended to harm us?

Shoot, Andrea even said she knows I’ll be the sister who brings the bail money if anything goes down. 🫣 (She’s not wrong!)

Our night in Orlando stoked my fire to keep gathering and connecting us. Yes! We’re still hosting an intimate retreat from September 8-10th in SoCal. 

But THE PLACE all these women connected with through our coaching groups. They are the secret sauce to Ezer + Co. 

That’s why I’m relentlessly inviting you to participate. 

Registration is open for 
Warrior Woman Coaching Groups 
only for 10 more days!!

This is your opportunity to shift what’s going on and get different results in your life and leadership. It’s the place to increase wholeness. It’s where you can get unstuck, shift your narrative, achieve what matters most to you.

The women you’ll meet may be strangers now, but you’ll be sisters soon!

Learn more and register. Click the buttons below.