Summer sanity now!

I have a theory: July is the month when we all lose our minds. 🤪

The heat of the summer is melting our brains. The irregularity of schedules and meetings have us wondering what day of the week it is. Decisions can’t get made because no one’s in the office at the same time for another month. We equally love the shift in pace but also are craving some semblance of rhythm.

Let’s talk about the kids. They’ve been out of school long enough to make us wonder why we had them to begin with. We’re going to the grocery store 5 days a week and spending our whole paycheck. We’re doing Zoom calls from parking lots and phone calls from the pool. We’re professional jugglers at this point in the summer. (If you don’t have kids, don’t worry – We love them. We really do!!)

In short, we’re losing our sanity. Help is on the way !

I created this free guide just for you! (If your sanity is squarely in place, I bet you know someone who’d benefit. Feel free to share…)

I’d love to hear serves you best and what you do to save your sanity during these summer months!