Summer Wholeness Tips

Summer Wholeness Tips


Eight years ago this month, my kids were itty bitty and vocationally I was in a major pattern interruption. I had just left my job where I had been for a decade and my community.

The circumstances weren’t ideal to make it a summer to remember, but circumstances rarely are perfect for what we want to create moving forward.

There was LOADS of loss and uncertainty, but I didn’t want to miss out on all the summer season could offer my soul. I wanted to participate in summer fully, even though I felt shaky, unsure, and recovering from a rough season.

I was determined to make it a “SUMMER TO REMEMBER”, not only for me but also to model for my little ones what’s possible regardless of circumstances.

What if we did the same this summer, sister?

Here are some ideas across the six interconnected wholeness dimensions to spark your creativity…

(plus click “More Ideas” for additional tips for that dimension)