The most important person you lead…

Who would you say is the most important person you lead – your direct reports, followers, boss, kids, co-workers?

It’s you. You are the most important person you will ever lead. The strength and effectiveness of your leadership is directly correlated to how you lead yourself.

Most leaders don’t lead themselves well. They focus on the bottom line, urgent problems, top goals, or strategic plan, but they fail to lead themselves. They ignore warning signs and put themselves last. Everyone suffers as a result.

I’ve created a NEW, FREE guide for you. It’s 24 reflective prompts to help you up-level your self-leadership. I go back to these prompts regularly to check-in with where I need to pay attention, celebrate my growth, and focus moving forward.

These 24 reflective prompts cover all 6 wholeness dimensions and have proven themselves valuable to thousands of leaders I’ve worked with over the years.

Download the free guide >>HERE<<. And share this link with another leader. We need holistic, healthy leaders more than ever.

you are the most important person you’ll ever lead. Lead yourself to your whole self.

I’d love to hear what prompt sticks out to you at this moment in your leadership journey.