The teamwork that makes our dreamwork

Women who support other women are more successful ❤️

See these women? They are changing my life! God’s growing our team in the most beautiful ways to serve you more. Since it was Galentine’s Day this week I wanna introduce to you a few of our best gals. (from left to right)

Liz Duckworth is our Director of Operations. We’ve been friends for almost 20 years. We’ve walked through life’s highest and lowest moments. Her smile is electric. Everyone is her friend. Justice is her heart. (Enneagram 9w8)

  • BRAG: During Covid, she got her Master’s degree in social work with a concentration in trauma and mental health … with a 4.0 … while working full time … as a single momma to her 3 girls!!

Sarah Komatsu is my Personal Assistant. Liz introduced us last year because she knew how much I needed Sarah. She was right. Sarah is high detail, loads of quirky fun, and ultra dependable. Her hubby is first gen Japanese, but she hates sushi (whyyyyyyyy). It’s my favorite thing when she says, “consider it done!” (Enneagram 4w5)

  • BRAG: For a couple years she was a foster mom to youth on a Native American reservation, which is how she met her husband, Shugo, while he was there volunteering.

Stephanie Porter is our Director of Coaching. We met years ago and I immediately said something insensitive to her. She responded by taking me out for a cocktail, then asking me to coach her, which showed me she’s a grace-giver and forgiving. She’s been with Ezer + Co. since Day 1 and embodies joy and doing the work. Her capacity is endless and encouragement is her language. (Enneagram 7w8)

  • BRAG: Last year she experienced so much loss and grief, but I watched her go to therapy, heal, and bravely go to dark places to recover her light.

This is only our staff! Our coaching team is equally wonderful!! I’ll introduce you to Deneen, Julie, Priscilla, and Betsy in the near future (or you can sneak a peek on our Warrior Woman Coaching Group page). Building a diverse team (in ALL the ways) is a high value for me and it’s happening one woman at a time.

It’s so cheesy, but teamwork really makes the dream work. 😍

I’m more convinced than ever that women supporting women aren’t only more successful, they are more whole. As we continue celebrating love this month, give a few women in your life some love this weekend.


PS. Two more things:
  1. WANNA COME TO OUR FIRST EVER WHOLENESS RETREAT? 🤩Save the dates: September 8-10. More details coming soon!
  2. WARRIOR WOMAN MEMBERSHIP SURVEY: We heard you! We’re making the additions and updates you requested. Stay tuned.