We are Becoming Today Who We Will be Forever

PHOTO by @iamrbn

PHOTO by @iamrbn

We’ve made it through Week 1 of this global pandemic affecting our daily lives. Elbow bump, y’all! My current favorite meme says, “What a year this week has been.” Can I get a witness?

None of us know how to best navigate this new reality. There are way more questions than answers. Our security, stability, and reality have been yanked out from under our feet. Stress is high.

There’s so much noise, too. Everyone is sharing resources, “expert” opinions, fears, anxieties, and ideas. There’s breaking news every 47 minutes. It’s exhausting and overwhelming.

As leaders, we’re making plans, then adjusting them almost immediately. As parents, we’re trying to figure out how much screen time will actually melt our kids’ brains. As employees or business owners, we’re counting the costs and changing all of our daily routines. As people with real financial needs, we are adjusting, hoarding, anticipating, praying, and battling scarcity mentalities. As humans, we’re holding all of it and then some … and we’re holding it for each other, too.

I’m with you. Me too. I’ll say it again – it’s exhausting and overwhelming. Stop right now and breathe. Again.

As we enter Week 2 of this new reality, I have three thoughts for you, strong Warriors and Allies:*

This is Not the End.

While this dumpster fire feels like the apocalypse, maybe it’s not. When we get to the other side of this, who will we be? What will have changed in us? How will we be more whole?

Dallas Willard acutely taught, “We are becoming today who we will be forever.” In a global crisis, these words are a calling for YOU and ME, now! This is not happening to us. This is an opportunity to be more aware, mindful, and proactive about the kind of life and leadership we want to live. How we are engaging (even hiding or avoiding!) this pandemic is forming who we will be into eternity. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Ask “What”, Not “Why”.

“Why” questions don’t get us answers most of the time. They are escaping, blaming, and externally focused questions that don’t offer us true transformation. We usually don’t know why until sometime further down the road. This present moment is where we are living right now.

“What” questions are inviting. They are personal, proactive, and problem-solving questions. “What” questions move us toward action and accountability. They take responsibility for how we engage the chaos or crisis that we’re surrounded by. “What” questions give us agency and both personal and supernatural power that moves us through the chaos and into the calm.

Pay Attention to How You Respond.

This is a massive pattern interruption to your life and leadership. Once in a lifetime. I believe there are some seismic shifts and opportunities for us right now. However, deal with what’s in front of you and coming out of you.

You cannot lead others if you do not lead yourself. And leading yourself requires that you pay attention. You cannot lead yourself without reflection, contemplation, feedback, and awareness.

I firmly believe that this period is highlighting a lot of unprocessed grief and trauma within us, individually and collectively. It’s revealing our deepest wounds, needs, longings, and dysfunction. All of it is rushing to the surface like an open hatch in an underwater submarine. Now is the time to pay attention more than ever before. The more hoarding, overactive responses, extreme behaviors, and overly fearful thinking you experience reveals something deeper. I want to gently suggest that the more unnerved, on edge, or unraveled you are, the more unprocessed grief you have in your soul. Your body keeps score and this global crisis is tapping into what’s been there all along.

Now is the time to do some soul work so you can become today who you want to be forever. When we get to the other side of this pandemic, my deepest prayer is that we’ll be more whole and connected than we’ve ever been before. May it be so.

We’re here to help.

Our team is putting together two offerings to help you navigate this chaotic time. We’ll share details very soon, but we’ll be offering short-term, super affordable, and limited Spiritual Direction and Coaching offerings. We want to help you become who you will be forever. Our trained and experienced team is committed to walking alongside you as you ask “what” questions, pay more attention, and process your grief. Together. We can do this.

*I actually have a lot to say about what we find ourselves in, so I’ll write more in another post.