A 6-month intimate group coaching experience for women who want to reclaim who they are and live the confident life they deserve


But sometimes that’s easy to forget, especially when everything and everyone is pulling at you. You built this amazing life, but sometimes you look around and wish things were different. You love your partner and kids (if you have them), but something is off. You can’t put your finger on it, but it’s there.

Now, imagine you know exactly what that “something” is and what to do about it. And all you need is to discover the steps, take them, and know you have a support system to help you along the way.

How would that change your life? Your work? Your relationships? You?

“You come in with one goal, but you come out a whole person.”

-Andrea H.

“Achieving my goal wasn’t what I thought it’d be. It was more.”

-Aqueelah L.

“I know I have potential. I just had no idea how toreach it until coaching.”

-Samara G.

I found me again. I reevaluated what it means to take care of me and had the support and encouragement of my coach and group to show up for her.”

-Heather Cova

“Because of this group, I’ve gone further, faster in this season in areas where I have been stuck.”

-Tami Gadson

  1. You hop out of bed each morning, rested and ready to take on the day…
  2. You move through your to-do list feeling calm and centered…
  3. You look in the mirror and love what you see…
  4. You know what you want and how to make it happen…
  5. Your partner now splits the household responsibilities…
  6. You show up fully for your team and can disconnect at the end of the workday…
  7. You look at the second half of your life and are excited for what’s to come…

And the best part?

This kind of life is not only possible for you – it’s actually within your reach. No matter how crazy, overwhelming, or out of control your life feels right now.

But if it was that simple, wouldn’t every woman be “living the life”?

Most women spend their days playing catch-up. They’re driven by their to-do list (which never ends). At home, they wake up feeling overloaded before the day begins. And at work, they don’t know where work ends and home starts.

Others feel like they’ve lost themselves to their partners, kids, and the endless cycle of work-errands-sleep-repeat. Their time is not their own, and every day feels the same.

To make it better, they usually try one (or more!) of these three things:

1. Practices self-care…
sort of.

Girlfriends are the best, so you head out on the weekends to have brunch. Or you pop over to your favorite salon to get a pedicure. Maybe you take a hot bath or plan your next getaway.

Seeing your girlfriends is great, but you’re back to feeling “meh” as soon as you open your front door. Vacations are amazing, but the travel buzz wears off before you unpack your bag. And there aren’t enough pedicures in the world to melt away your stress.

2. Patchworks the

A podcast here. An Instagram reel there. Maybe you’ve gone to Bible studies or joined small groups. These are great tools, but they’re not designed to give you the transformation you need. So, you gain a lot of head knowledge, but you’re still feeling stuck.

3. Puts it off for
another day.

This is by far the most costly and dangerous mistake women make! 

You get caught up in the hamster wheel of life. You keep saying you’ll figure things out once the craziness settles down, your family is more stable, or work lightens up. 

Days, months, and years pass, and you’re still feeling the funk. You’re still not where you want to be.

These can be helpful strategies, but they only work for a short time. Before long, the overwhelm and stress creep back in…stronger than ever.

It’s time for some real talk.

As a woman, the most important thing you can do is prioritize your wholeness.

You care deeply for your family, girlfriends, and work. That’s beautiful about you! But it’s coming at a cost. Honoring your commitments is important, but you’re tired. Stretched thin. Exhausted.

Being the best wife, mom, leader, and woman you can be doesn’t have to feel this hard. There’s a lighter, easier way.

To make the level of changes you want inside and out, it takes something different. It takes you engaging a proven, step-by-step framework and having a support system to keep you moving forward.

Our Coaches. This Community. Your Commitment to Working a Plan.

It takes these three pieces to truly transform and become more whole.

What if you could…

  1. Reorder your household so everyone pulls their weight
  2. Go and stay at a hotel by yourself and feel good about it
  3. Have the romance back in your marriage (like how it felt in the dating days)
  4. Shut off work at the end of the day and not check your email in bed that night
  5. Think kinder, gentler thoughts about yourself
  6. Love and honor your body no matter what she’s going through
  7. Create a present and a future that gets you hopping out of bed excited every morning

Your life and how you live it matters.

You’re created to make an impact and bring more goodness to this world. Imagine doing that with less effort and more presence. Imagine how good life will be when you step out and say with confidence, “This is me. This is who I am created to be.”

The Warrior Woman

A tight-knit group coaching experience for women who are willing and committed to live out their potential in every area of their life

We’re using the word “experience” for a reason.

This isn’t some online course where you watch hours of boring training modules and can’t ask questions.

It also isn’t a program where you’re with 200 other women and feel like a number.

In The Warrior Woman, we’re all about getting clear with what’s going on and taking action so you get meaningful results. And because we keep the groups small, you’ll be seen, known, and personally coached to achieve your goals.

When you are more whole…

  • You’re no longer drifting through life
  • You have boundaries with your family and work
  • You aren’t overwhelmed by stress every day
  • You feel well-rested and at home in your skin
  • You’re living a meaningful life you love

The Warrior Woman helps you…

  • Get unstuck and be unquestionably clear about your life
  • Know what you want and ask for it
  • Enjoy a fulfilling and purpose-driven life no matter your marital status
  • Have a renewed spark with your partner
  • Book that much-needed alone time away from your kids without feeling guilty
  • Experience the value of investing yourself (and how that makes you a better mom)
  • Feel spiritually connected, even if you have issues with religion
  • Lead and resource your team well
  • Ditch the overwhelm and enjoy peace instead
  • Move through your days with a newfound lightness

Get results where they matter the most.

See what past Warrior Women are saying…

I knew something was missing, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it and I was out of ideas on how to change my life. After just six months I have a totally new perspective on life and have gained new tools for the journey ahead, most importantly the ability to explore and grow beyond the places where I was stuck and discouraged.”

-Amy Puzantian

“This coaching group has literally shifted the trajectory of my life. It was powerful, beautiful, and amazingly awesome! Sign up today‼️🔥👏”

-Tami Gadson

“I wholeheartedly believe in this coaching group experience. It’s truly inspirational to journey with a unique and strong group of women who are actively pursuing to better themselves and the areas they lead in! This will deepen your identity, purpose, and belonging!

-Stephanie Porter

“Ezer + Co. has literally changed my life!

-Sunny Brown

What’s Inside The Warrior Woman

The Warrior Woman is a six-month holistic program that dives deep into the six major dimensions of a woman’s wholeness.

The Pre-Work: Getting Started

Ever been asked what you want to eat/see/do, and you stare back blankly? It’s not because you don’t have desires. You’re just used to prioritizing everyone else’s, and you feel disconnected from your own.

So, when it comes time to set your top goal in this journey, you may not be sure how to do that.

That’s why we made this Getting Started section super easy for you. 

First, we kick things off with our exclusive, proprietary wholeness assessment. This is where you curl up on the couch with your favorite hot beverage and answer questions about different areas of your life. We then give you personalized results.

You take those personalized results and define your top goal to achieve in the next six months. Don’t worry about how you’ll do this. Our guided process will walk you through the steps.

Now, you’re ready to begin your six-month experience, with each month focusing on a different dimension.


Your relationship with your body sets the foundation for your wholeness. In this first month, you’ll create new habits that’ll leave you feeling well-rested, strong, and fueled for success. It’s time to start feeling good in your body again. 


When you’re perpetually stuck in go-go-go mode, it’s hard to know what you’re feeling (other than stressed or overwhelmed!). Learn how to pinpoint what emotions are coming up in real-time and how that’s supporting or sabotaging what you want to achieve.


Ready to slim down your commitments and move through your day with greater focus and creativity? In month three, this becomes your reality. Unlock your curiosity and practice surprisingly simple skills to manage your time and clear out your calendar.


Your relationship with your family, friends, and community matter to you. Learn how to build new connections and deepen existing ones in meaningful ways that fill you up and leave you feeling energized.

Plus, let’s call out the elephant in the room. You’re often weighed down by all your responsibilities, and the sexy factor isn’t what it used to be. Discover how to rekindle that spark with your partner so you’re both feeling the boom-shaka-laka again.


Your faith is essential to you, but your relationship with religion is complicated. (You’re in good company!) Get clear on your purpose and vision so you can live a life you love – one that sets you on the pathway to fulfill your potential.


Want the secret to boosting your energy and avoiding burnout? In this final month, discover and practice the powerful strategies that’ll change the way you look at rest and keep you feeling refreshed (even when life deals you a blow).

What You Get in The Warrior Woman

The Warrior Woman meets you where you are. It’s a journey supported by proven frameworks that equip you with what you need today so you can create a better tomorrow. You’ll receive:

  • 6 group coaching sessions where you’ll receive practical training on that month’s wholeness dimension focus
    (led by our Founder and Lead Coach April Diaz)
  • 6 private 1:1 sessions so you can customize your journey and continue making progress on your top goal
    (between you and your hand-picked Certified Coach)
  • 6 activation group calls so you can process and interact with the women in your group and determine your next action steps (hosted by your Certified Coach)
  • 6 Q+A calls where you can ask any question about your wholeness journey and receive support from the greater community (led by April within the larger Warrior Women membership community)
  • An exclusive Wholeness Assessment that uncovers your greatest opportunities for transformation
  • A guided goal-setting process that helps you prioritize your top goal
  • A monthly action steps checklist to keep you focused and moving forward
  • A like-minded community of diverse women who are on a similar journey as you
  • Abundant support from our expert, certified coaches

Choose Between Two Payment Options:

1. Payment Plan: $100 deposit today + $349/month for six months

2. Pay In Full DISCOUNT: $100 deposit today + $1989

When you click the above, you’ll head to a page where you pay a $100 deposit, choose your Certified Coach, and select your payment structure. Spots are limited.

When you join The Warrior Woman,

you’ll also get exclusive, world-class support.

Access to Expert Certified Coaches

What makes The Warrior Woman different from other programs is our team of coaches. We’re deeply committed to your transformation. Founder April Diaz has personally trained every coach, and they are certified in the Developmental Science of Coaching. This means they are experts in helping you transform and reach your goals. They know how to get you unstuck and on your way toward wholeness.

A Private Community of Like-Minded Women

The women in our community are unlike any others. We lift each other up and encourage one another when we’re down. We’re women who “get each other” on a deep level, and we’re relentlessly supportive of one another.

Most of us have kids, but some of us don’t. We come from different religions and are radically diverse in many ways. We’re tired of living in male-dominated systems and are ready to smash that patriarchy.

As a Warrior Woman, you are never alone.

“This whole coaching group has been powerful and life-changing! I’m so thankful I jumped in.”

-Sara Getz

“This coaching group was pivotal for me this year. I had no idea that when I started this I would be transitioning positions for the first time. I’m not sure what I would have done without this group. The vulnerability shown in this group was life-changing. April challenges you to grow and speaks things into you, you didn’t even know. I’m truly thankful for this group.”

-Megan Kallenbach

But wait, there’s more! Check out these bonuses.

1. “Create More Time” Checklist

Not enough hours in the day? If you’re looking to jump off the hamster wheel and free up time, this checklist is your new best friend. It contains the shockingly simple strategies our team uses that’ll help you clear your calendar and keep your mind focused.


Think you can’t afford coaching? Think again. This exclusive download will blow your mind and help you find the resources to rest assured when you join a coaching group.

3. FREE 6 Months in our Warrior Women Community

Let’s be real. It’s hard to make friends as adults. It’s even harder to find female friends who are going through similar journeys. The Warrior Women Community is a special group of women who want similar things as you. We love how incredibly diverse this community is, and we think you will, too.

4. Cash Back – For Those Who Pay-In-Full Only

Who doesn’t like extra savings? Click the button below and it’ll take you to the checkout page. Enter your payment details, select your Certified Coach, and pick your payment structure. Choose to pay in full and enjoy discount on the house.

The Warrior Woman works. Unlike most other group programs out there, we offer a close-knit experience that’s focused on you and your growth. It’s a mixture of high-touch group and personalized 1:1 coaching. The level of attention and care our Founder and coaches provide is unparalleled.

This program is for you if…

  • You are willing to do the inner work
  • You are open to new and unique experiences
  • You welcome the opportunity to meet women different from you
  • You commit to being honest and vulnerable
  • You’re looking for a safe space that welcomes ALL women and encourages them to thrive
  • You support elevating the marginalized and believe in the equality of women
  • You’re enthusiastically dedicated to getting results that matter most to you

This program won’t be the best fit if…

  • You are looking for a small group or Bible study
  • You want to learn but not act
  • You prefer counseling over coaching
  • You are unwilling to prioritize the group
  • You only want women with the same beliefs as you in your group
  • You don’t want to explore beyond your current spiritual understanding
  • You are rigid in your beliefs
  • You feel fully satisfied with how things are going in your life

Choose Between Two Payment Options:

1. Payment Plan: $100 deposit today + $349/month for six months

2. Pay In Full discount: $100 deposit today + $1989

Meet Your Coaches

April Diaz, Founder + Lead Coach

Hey there! It’s April!

Mom of three. Wife of my high school sweetheart. A hard-core Enneagram 8w7.

  • For 17 years, I pastored in two of the most influential churches in the States.
  • I’ve personally coached 1,000+ people to achieve meaningful results
  • I’ve spent my envinte how much progress society has made, our culture doesn’t make it easy either.

Back in 2019, I founded Ezer + Co. to help women live and lead with wholeness, despite who or what is trying to keep us small, quiet, and conforming.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen how wholeness is a game-changer. I know what’s possible for you, and I see the warrior within you. It’s time for her to come out so you can see her, too.

Our 2023 Coaching Team (Listed Alphabetically by first name):

Betsy Marvin

Enneagram 2w3

I’m passionate about leadership development and helping you discover who you are created to be and bring value wherever you are. I’m a team building, strategic leader who loves to learn. For 25 years I’ve worked in the same church in a variety of pastoral and executive roles. I believe your desired growth is best done in community. I love books, traveling, summer camp, and a long solid chat over a great cup of coffee. My husband, Bill and I live in Grand Rapids, MI, have two adult kids­ – all together is my happy place.

Deneen Ray

Enneagram 9

Helping you process truth and set goals gives me great joy. I have a good ear for what’s verbalized and unspoken. I live in Los Angeles, CA and work both as a Family Life Minister in a racially diverse church and healthcare administrator. I’m divorced, with no bio kids, but I’m blessed to have many young people call me “Mama D”.

Julie Clendenin

Enneagram 1w2

I love a long hike on an unfamiliar trail, a trip to a faraway country, a project that stretches my abilities, or a story that expands my perspective. I’ve been an energy policy wonk, advocate for environmental justice, marketing professional, pastor, and non-profit leader. People say that listening is my superpower and I feel great when I’m in problem-solving mode. My husband and I live in the Washington DC area and are the proud parents of three grown daughters.

Priscilla Batista Brown

Enneagram 6w7

I’m a visionary, strategist, and often the one says what everyone else doesn’t want to say out loud. The common thread in my work is my role to train, equip, and coach leaders to come alive. I’m currently a social media manager and running BatiBites Macaron. I get to adventure everyday with my husband, Ken, and our 3 beautiful children in Gainesville, FL with the hopes of one day living in NYC!

If you’re thinking “Sounds amazing, but I’m afraid of what this could open up,” keep reading…

It can feel scary to face hard truths and do things differently. You may feel nervous about what’ll happen when you start putting yourself first. What will your friends say? How will your partner respond? What about your colleagues and team?

Becoming a better mom, partner, or leader doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself in the process. Yes, this journey will shake things up. It’ll change you, and those around you will have to adjust. And that’s good news.

Know that you won’t be alone. You’ll have the tools, resources, and support from our team of expert coaches and a community of wildly uplifting women. We’ve got your back, sister.

Choose Between Two Payment Options:

1. Payment Plan: $100 deposit today + $349/month for six months

2. Pay In Full discount: $100 deposit today + $1989

Make the damn investment. You are worth it. If you want to go somewhere you haven’t gone you must do something you haven’t done. Learning alongside women who bring their full humanity to the table and lead from a place of wholeness.”

-Gabrielle Engle

Taking this time to do the inner work has created a life change that I couldn’t have done alone. As a woman leading in a growing company, this was an incredible opportunity to sharpen my skills and examine deeply. Deeply. I’ve done the work and am ready to be launched into living in true wholeness as who I’ve been created to be.”

-Jackie DeMott

Transformational. Life-changing. Empowering.

-Anica Leitch

Empowering, a breath of fresh air, a safe space!

-Tina Tome

Have Questions?

What’s coaching like, and how is it different from therapy or counseling?

Great question! Therapy tends to focus on processing and healing through past events. Therapy also focuses more on emotional healing and mental health.

Coaching is a developmental science that’s designed to get you results. It helps you participate differently in your life today so you can achieve your future goals more easily.

At Ezer + Co., we take coaching to a new level. We use cutting-edge best practices and time-tested coaching models designed for women and by women. Our coaches are certified in the neuroscience of transformation. They use the most effective methods so you can achieve what’s most important to you.

We are big fans of both therapy and coaching. Our groups are entirely coaching-focused and should not be used as a substitute for therapy.

Can I make payments?

Yes, you can! All that’s needed today is your $100 non-refundable registration. You’ll then have the option to pay in full or choose a monthly six-month payment plan.

Do I pick my coach?

Absolutely! After you click to register, you’ll be taken to a new webpage. Here, you can select your coach. (We can help you choose if you’re not sure who to pick.)

What’s the time commitment?

Before the program starts, you’ll be given some pre-work to complete. This will take about 3-5 hours and should be finished before Month 1. After that, to get the most out of your experience, you can expect to spend 2-3 hours a week.

We know things are busy, and you’re short on time. That’s why we’ve also included a bonus checklist on how to “Create More Time” so you can free up the hours needed for this journey.

What happens if I miss a session?

The magic happens when you attend live, so we ask that you prioritize showing up in real-time. We also know life happens, so we got you covered. All of our sessions (except for Q+A) are recorded and available for you to watch.

when and How long are the sessions?

Each month, we follow the same rhythm:

  • Week 1: A 90-minute group coaching session with Founder and Lead Coach April Diaz

  • Week 2: Your 45-60 minute private 1:1 session with your Certified Coach

  • Week 3: A 90-minute small group coaching session with your Certified Coach

  • Week 4: A 60-minute Q+A session with April and the entire Warrior Women community

Weeks 1, 3, and 4 are held through video Zoom sessions. Week 2 is your 1:1 session, which is done through a phone call.

All sessions are held live.

The group sessions occur on Mondays from 4:00-5:30 PM Pacific US time. Your private 1:1 session is scheduled at a time that works for your and your coach’s schedule.

What’s your refund policy?

We want our clients to be fully satisfied with their experience. That said, we understand sometimes things don’t work out. When that happens, we’ll work with you on options.

We do have certain requirements to qualify for a refund, including a timing element. For more details on our refund policy, click here.

Please note: Your initial $100 deposit is non-refundable.

Every day doesn’t have to keep feeling like today.

The journey is work, but there is light. You have what it takes to have it all. If you’re a woman who wants to stop settling and have the fullness of life you deserve, then The Warrior Woman is for you!

Want more testimonials?

what past participants have said about about our coaching…

“Ever lift your head up from your job, family, and daily grind and thought, “whoa, where did the last 3 years go”? Fill in however much time has passed. For me, it was the last 6 years in my job. I can confidently say I LOVE my job, it is the most challenging position and has required the most out of me of anything I’ve done in my life. When I started the pre-work for the coaching group, let’s just say I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Because of my tendency to go all-in with whatever I do, I didn’t realize I was losing a part of myself in the last 6 years. Through the group discussions, webinars, book reading, and 1:1 coaching sessions, I discovered a level of my true self I haven’t nurtured. There is a lot of work to be done, but this group has lit the path and given me tools on this redemptive journey. And guess what? I know where it leads! A journey to abundant and fully-engaged life God invites us into. A life where I am fully loved, accepted and known. Are you feeling that nudge? Say YES and AMEN and sign up for the next coaching group with Ezer + Co. You will not regret it.” Laura Jean Martin, Illinois

“In the beginning, my goal was to buy a little farm, which came about incredibly quickly. But my coach suggested looking a little beyond just getting the farm to hosting a Grand Opening for the business I will run on my farm. I run a business helping kids and youth with all sorts of mental health issues, behaviour problems, etc., but instead of a desk in an office, I have a horse in a pasture. I LOVE my job. And this is the (snack-size) farm God has provided for my family and me. I couldn’t be more excited.” Wendy Gourley, Canada

“Joining a community of women who are committed to doing the inner work of moving towards health and wellness of her whole person is an amazing thing to behold. Sharing, working, processing, and receiving from this coaching group has been life-giving for me.” Molly Clark, Kansas

“This past year I’ve had the biggest heartache to go through, started a new adventure, and have been surrounded by a community of women. This group has been the most rewarding part of my year. I have found a great group of ladies that I know will continue to be there for me. I couldn’t have done it without them!” Erin Hooten, Indiana

“At the first gathering of the coaching group, I was seriously questioning whether I made the right choice. I wasn’t ready (so I thought) to be really vulnerable. I was concerned that I would not enjoy this because the women all seemed to be in a much better place than me and I was sure I would just bring the group down. I wanted everyone else to open up and I just wanted to sit back and listen for once. Then, I saw a moment right after that we were placed together … with a purpose: to put up with one another through support, through truth, through laughter, through tears. We were designed to step out really quickly and become fast warrior sisters. I’m scared and excited for the future. Thank you for doing what you do. And thank you for the no-bullshit way you do it.” Carol Smith, Indiana

“There’s something significant about spending 3 days away. Before I return home, I am setting an Ebenezer. The card read, ‘Enjoy the journey wherever it may take you.’ This compass reminds me to set the course, yet be adventurous, not afraid to take risks, and enjoy the journey.” Mandy Rodgers, Tennessee

“This ain’t the girl’s kinda group I’m used to.” Amy Pierson, Colorado

“I just wanted you to know that I have been thinking of you and how grateful I am for crossing paths with you at the time we did. While this year has been absolutely crazy and I have had some major ups and downs, I have also seen how much I have changed for the better. Your coaching and our group were a launch pad for me to really gain confidence in myself. Reflecting over where I was last year to where I am now is DRASTICALLY different. Thank you for the work you do because it makes a difference in the lives of women and men. I believe in you and your ministry!🦋” Melissa Dees, Oregon

“My world continues to move too fast, but this experience has been one of the best in years!!” Katie James, Indiana

“I would encourage other women to give this gift to themselves! It’s work, but it’s good! I signed up because I didn’t even know what I needed but somehow I knew I needed this experience to help me figure out my next steps forward. I learned so much about myself. I laughed harder than I have in so long! I had two times a month at least where I prioritized myself and my own journey – not as a mom, not as a wife, not as my role at work, but as me – who am I and where am I going!? I’m grateful for the journey and for the ways this opened up new places in myself! Enjoy your journey!” Margaret Irribarra-Swanson, Oregon

“Synergy. Relationship. Vulnerability. “Growtivation” (growth + motivation)” Kimberly Bass, Minnesota

“Coaching has helped me become aware of my personal limitations and make positive steps forward in finding solutions in areas Iimit myself. I have become more aware of areas of growth and areas where I have a lot to offer. Coaching helps you have a stronger mindset and see things from a different perspective. I’ve learned to give myself grace. Embrace the beauty of my whole story.” Sandra Chaundary, California

“Through coaching, I feel that I’ve tapped into living my life more fully and taking steps toward more fully being myself.” Joy Stark, Massachusetts

“Encouraging, focused, present, life-giving and created motivation to pursue greater wholeness.” Anonymous

Transformational, beautiful, wise, well-covered! Appreciate you!” Charlotte Chang, California

Coaching has given me the tools and language that intrinsically aligns and applies to living more fully into WHO God is calling ME to BE!” Amy Binkley, Indiana

“After living through the pandemic, I found this coaching experience invaluable to my mental health and personal development. I would highly recommend this 6-month experience!” Katie James, Indiana

“The Ezer + Co. process is well-designed to create authentic conversation & a productive space for growth. I felt challenged and validated at the same time, which is a rare gift!” Julie Clendenin, Maryland