What Mother’s Day can do for you

In case you’ve missed the onslaught of advertisements and sales, Mother’s Day is this weekend. If this weekend is complicated or laced with grief for you, you are not alone. Every year I share a word on Mother’s Day because I’m intimately aware of how difficult this ‘holiday’ can be.

This year I want to encourage you to do this:



For years, I expected to become pregnant easily, but 6+ years of devastating infertility left my womb empty. After adopting Judah and Addise I expected motherhood to be easy (oops), but parenting kids through trauma added in new layers of grief.

One of the transformational truths I keep learning over and over is that what you focus on expands. You can have your grief and loss, AND it doesn’t have to have you. You can feel out of control, AND take control of your emotions, mind, and actions. You can acknowledge what you want, AND be grateful for what you have. You can have expectations, AND release them to God, believing what’s for you will find you.

Your turn — How does your focus need to shift so you can do something differently? What can you need surrender that will open you up to more of your whole self? I’d love to hear what you’ll do,

May there be deep joy and gifts this Mother’s Day weekend. If this weekend is complicated for you, find a way to attend the workshop I’m hosting next week (details below). Your soul will thank you. 🧡