A War Won Within Herself

Maribel Toan - Ezer + Co.

Maribel Toan

A Guest Post

Women are some of the most powerful warriors. There are usually many powerful women behind communities that have gone through some positive transformation. It’s in our nature to love, to nurture, and create sacred spaces around us that we see superpower kick in. For me, the perfect example that I refer back to in God’s word is Abigail. 

She was a warrior, not in the physical but in a spiritual and emotional sense. She must have fought a lot of giants within her to go before a powerful man (David) that was about to destroy her community. She was wise. She came with all the humility and declared truth. She was on her knees reminding David of his identity. All this must have come from a place of victory, a war she won within herself. I can imagine some of the voices she heard: “You are crazy. You are going to die. You are a fool, just like your husband. Who do you think you are?”

I imagine that she fought back and said to those giants of fear and unbelief, “I don’t care. I am going to do this, even if I have to die.”

This is where the power is: When you roar back to those giants within you!

I know I have had to do this so many times. I’ve felt the most powerful when I choose to die to self, when I choose all the humility I could rack up and ask for forgiveness, when I put everything on the line to take one more step of healing. That is when God comes and empowers; it’s in a place of surrender, a place where God’s perfect love takes all fears away!