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Are you a woman who can’t help but wonder, WHAT’S NEXT?


➡️ Are you feeling overwhelmed, out of balance, or burned out?

➡️ Have you tried all the self-care tips, but still feel like you’re missing something deeper?

➡️ Do you want to reach your fullest potential but don’t know how?

It’s time to be honest.

Figuring out what you want and what’s next feels impossible when you’re always taking care of everything and everyone else. You’re pulled in a million different directions and you’ve lost a bit of yourself along the way. Just “getting through today” is no way to live. You’re exhausted by life’s demands and frustrated by the untapped potential within you. Honoring your responsibilities is important, but it doesn’t have to feel this draining.

The most important thing you can do is prioritize your whole self.
Because no one else will do it for you.

Becoming your whole self looks (and feels) like…

  • Caring for your body and feeling at home in your skin
  • Expressing your emotions in honest and healthy ways
  • Believing you deserve more
  • Focus and clarity in your mind and at work
  • Deeply belonging to yourself and others
  • Holding life-giving boundaries with your family and work
  • Impacting the world with your beautiful gifts and leadership
  • Replacing overwhelm with centeredness and purpose
  • Feeling energized and well-rested
  • Asking for what you want and need

This is possible for you. There is a better, lighter, easier way.
We’ll help you get there in an Every Warrior Woman coaching group.

What You Get: Your 6-month Journey

Start you where you are and we’ll get you to where you want to go next in our guided step-by-step journey!

Pre-Work: Before Your Group Starts

If you know what you want in these 6-months, your pre-work will be a breeze. If not, have no fear! We’ll guide you every step of the way to make the most of your journey.

STEP 1: Access our private membership community because transformation happens better together. You’re never alone in this journey.

STEP 2: Complete our proprietary 120-question Wholeness Assessment and our custom Wholeness Wheel. Your results uncover your greatest growth opportunities!

STEP 3: Work through our Define Your Top Goal Guide to determine what you want in the next six months.

Months 1-6: Your Monthly Rhythm

  • WEEK 1: 90-minute large group training session diving deep into the monthly wholeness dimension with practical tools, training, and coaching (with Lead Coach April Diaz)
  • WEEK 2: 60-minute 1:1 coaching call to process and personalize your journey so you can get quick wins and make progress on your top goal (with your Certified Coach)
  • WEEK 3: 90-minute small coaching group session interacting with 5-9 other women and personally engaging in the journey (with your Certified Coach)
  • WEEK 4: 60-minute LIVE Coaching Q+A session to ask anything about your wholeness journey, goals, and challenges (with Lead Coach April Diaz)
  • Monthly Action Steps Checklist to track your steps and stay focused moving forward
  • Experience a Life-giving Online Communityof diverse women on similar journeys

Month 1:
Physical Wholeness

Your body is the foundation for your whole life. Caring for your body starts with sleep, is fueled by food, and is maximized by movement.

Month 2:
Emotional Wholeness

How you manage your emotions is the highest indicator of your success. Discover how your emotions are supporting or sabotaging what you want to achieve.

Month 3:
Mental Wholeness

Shift your thoughts and expand your mindset to create laser focus. Unlock your creativity and curiosity by practicing surprisingly simple skills to manage your time and solve problems easier.

Month 4:
Relational Wholeness

Belonging, connection, and community make life fun and meaningful. Build energizing relationships and deepen existing ones that support you and your goals.

Month 5:
Spiritual Wholeness

Your beliefs and values are deeply impacting your ability to live out your vision, purpose, and passion. Experiment with practices that best center and empower you.

Month 6:
Renewal Wholeness

Discover the secret to boosting your energy and avoiding burnout. Practice powerful yet simple strategies that’ll change how you recover your life (even when challenges come).

EXPAND your capacity alongside WARRIORS who EMPOWER your WHOLE SELF.


Coaching is a personalized, action-oriented journey that gives you better results than anything else you’ve tried before. Coaching is about walking with a trusted guide, listening deeply to what you want (free of judgment and shame!), and then helping you determine your next steps.


We’re all about coaching in a group context because community catalyzes your growth and success! Our proven model has been fine-tuned over a decade. It’s backed by science, supported by research, and a proven journey designed to get you results. We’re fully focused on you and your desired outcomes. Our high-touch approach was created and contextualized BY women, FOR women.

You’re ready for coaching if:

  • You’re committed to show up and do the work
  • You crave small and big wins in your life
  • You want to stop comparing to others and own who you are
  • You’re desperate to unlock your potential
  • You’re open to connecting with women different from you
  • You’re curious to expand your mindset
  • You’re willing to be vulnerable and honest
  • You support elevating women and other marginalized people

If this sounds like you, it’s time to get results where they matter the most to you.

See what past participants are saying…

Meet Our Diverse Coaching Team

April Diaz, Founder + Lead Coach

I’m Ezer & Co.’s Founder and CEO, a world-class certified coach, thought leader, keynote speaker, wife, and mom dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential.

I birthed Ezer & Co. in 2019 because I wish I had this in my own personal and professional development journey! I understand the struggles women face in becoming our whole selves because I’ve experienced many of them.

I’ve spent my entire adult life developing marginalized leaders (because I am one!). Over the past 25 years leading in churches, non-profits, and in business, I know that becoming your whole self impacts everything. It’s possible for you, and I believe in the Warrior within you. This journey is custom-designed for you … it’s time to prioritize your health and growth, dreams and desires. Let’s go, Warrior!

1. My multiethnic family is undoubtedly my “FavFour” - married my high school sweetheart and we have three teenagers (two adopted from Ethiopia and one bio babe after years of infertility.)

2. I’m a hard-core Enneagram 8w7.

3. I’m obsessed with the beach but I hate the sand.

4. I read more than I can put into practice.

5. I’m a leftie.


See who resonates with you. Our certified coaches will get you to where you want to be!

That’s not all!

Get these 4 BONUSES when you register now:


Need to find 2-3 hours every week so you’re not more stressed? This checklist contains 30+ shockingly simple strategies to help you easily make space and free up your time.


Think you can’t afford coaching? Think again. This practical download gives you 35+ creative ideas to help you find the dollars and feel confident about investing in yourself.


You’ll gain complimentary, full access 6-month membership during your coaching group. Consider this your extended sisterhood. The women in our community are motivated, thoughtful, smart, and committed to ongoing transformation. We “get each other” on a deep level, and we’re relentlessly supportive of one another, sharing wins, challenges, and questions.


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Yes! Coaching is relationally-based, so review our team’s bios above and see who resonates with you. You’ll select your coach when you register. If you need help deciding, select “Help Me Choose!” when you register.

Before the group starts, you’ll have about 3-5 hours of pre-work to complete before the first group session. Then, to get the most out of your experience, expect to spend 2-3 hours per week.

Specific dates and times will be added for the next round.

We know you’re busy and short on time. That’s why we’ve also included the “Create More Time” Checklist Bonus so you can free up the time needed for this journey.

The magic happens when you attend live, so we ask that you commit to showing up in real-time for all coaching sessions. We also know life happens, so we’ve got you covered. Week 1 and 3 sessions are recorded and available for you to watch before the next group session.

Yes, you can! All that’s needed today is your $100 non-refundable registration. Then, you can choose to pay in full or select a six-month payment plan.

We want our clients to be fully satisfied with their experience, but we understand sometimes things don’t work out. Once you sign your contract, you are responsible for the full cost of the coaching group, however, we’ll work with you on options to make the most of your investment.

We have certain requirements to qualify for a refund, including a timing element. For more details on our cancellation and refund policy, click here

Please note: The $100 deposit is non-refundable.

Great question! Therapy focuses on processing and healing through past events. Therapy also focuses more on emotional healing and mental health.

Coaching is a developmental science designed to get you results. It helps you participate differently in your life today to achieve your future goals.

At Ezer & Co. we take coaching to a new level. Our proven framework is designed BY women and FOR women, using cutting-edge transformational practices and time-tested coaching models. Our coaches practice what we preach and are trained and certified in the neuroscience of transformation. They use the most effective methods so YOU can achieve what’s most important to you.

We’re big fans of both therapy and coaching. Our groups are entirely coaching-focused and should not be used as a substitute for therapy.