Are you brainwashed?

I’m not off the Barbie soapbox yet because it offers us too much to evaluate and reframe for our real life. If you missed last week’s email on how it’s impossible to be a woman, please read, especially if you’re a man. 

There’s a small moment in the movie when the Barbies are accepting awards and as they receive the awards they don’t say, ‘thank you,’ they say, ‘I worked really hard for this and I deserve it.'”

I wanted to curl up in a ball at this point. 😵‍💫 Not because they did anything wrong, but because how women are trained to be overly grateful for everything given to us, even if we’ve worked really hard and earned it. 

The film overtly tackles how we’ve been brainwashed and programmed into believing the millions of insidious ways that the patriarchy is good and right and normal. (It touches on the influence of patriarchy wrapped in religion, which is empirically more dangerous for women.) 

🚨NEWS FLASH: Patriarchy is normal but it is not healthy. It’s the antithesis of wholeness for both women and men. Since Ezer + Co.’s beginning we’ve elevated the value that the response to patriarchy is not matriarchy, or even feminism, its partnership. 

It takes focused attention and effort to notice the patriarchal water we’re swimming in and jump out of that water into fresh waters of life. It doesn’t happen by accident. But the freedom, lightness, connection, and wholeness you experience as you do this work is beyond life-giving.

Our Warrior Women coaching groups are a concentrated 6-month journey to deprogram what’s overwhelming and exhausting you, causing you to hold back, shut down, play small, and settling for a life you were never created to live. Registration opens soooooooon.

Don’t ignore or push aside the voice within that’s calling for more. 🧡