Girls rising. A poem

Danielle Strickland Headshot.jpg

Danielle Strickland

A Guest Post

First, a word from April.

Danielle is a justice warrior and communicator to her core. She wrote these words on her website earlier this year, and I asked if we could share here in response to her podcast episode released earlier today. She lives and breathes leading people to live with wholeness.

I dream of this for all our warrior girls, too…

This poem was written as I dreamt of all girls rising towards the sun.

Towards the sun. 

Like a young girl rising at dawn, a warrior. 

I fight. To be Free. 

Wandering through the meadow, I search. 

For. A sign. 

Show me where to go, to live. 

A life. full.

Take me to the place, to see. 

A whole. World. 


Peace. Be still. 

My beating heart. 

Like a thorough bred I run, free. 

Jump. The fences. 

Run baby run, so no one catches you. 

Be. Me. 

It’s all I have to offer, this wild gallop. 

It is. Enough. 

Don’t look back or even think it. 

Go. ahead. 

Hope. Be fueled. 

My swelling dreams. 

Like a sunflower raised to meet the sun, alive. 

I rise. To be full. 

Lifting my head to turn my gaze, to the one. 

Who gives. Life. 

My life open to your rays. 

I breathe. Light. 

No space for fear, anymore. 

Open. inhale.

Life. Be full. 

My whole life.