Introducing! A Coaching Group for Women in Leadership

Coaching Group-Lead Yourself


More than ever, women with leadership and teaching gifts must be at the table, in meetings, on stages, and fully showing up in all areas of life.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve walked with thousands of teenagers and women. The most important thing to fully show up in your whole life is self-leadership. If something isn’t working in your life, I guarantee you, it’s related to self-leadership. This area of leadership determines your success and health in every other area of your life. Full stop.

Over and over and over again, I’ve seen women struggle to lead themselves to the next level effectively and it shows up all over their lives and leadership. How do you…

+     Manage your inner conversations

+     Live from your unique wiring – personality, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, spiritual pathways

+     Manage your energy and recovery

+     Powerfully use your voice

+     Build a team for your life and leadership

+     Lead your boss, co-workers, and followers

Here’s the problem: There’s a gap.

There’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. There’s a gap between who you are and who you’ve been created to be. The gap is in your unrealized potential. As an Ezer, you are created to live and lead wholeheartedly. This coaching group will guide you to close the gap.

This 6-month coaching group is intentionally designed for ten women in spiritual leadership. I’m committed to guide you in the company of these warrior women through: 

+     Two in-person coaching retreats

+     Four 3-hour webinars

+     Four 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions

+     One guided personal retreat 

Each month, you will read a book specifically selected to catalyze growth and customize action steps to produce transformation. 

A guide and a company of warrior women will catalyze your growth unlike anything else. 

The magic ingredient in this group is YOU. It’s the brilliance of ten women from different walks of life and leadership contributing their experiences, ideas, courage, wisdom, vulnerability, and friendship. There’s something powerful about the mixture of a group of like-minded women, walking together with the accountability of a trained coach. Journeying with a safe group of peers cultivates fertile soil for long-lasting change. 

Conferences and social media groups can be helpful, but they rarely produce the kind of customized transformation that next-level leaders require. This group will catalyze you further in six months than you could go in five years on your own.

Want to talk about it with me? Let’s talk.


+     PRIOR TO SEPTEMBER: Complete assessments and read assigned book

+     SEPTEMBER 24-26th: 48-hour Coaching Retreat in Orange County, CA

+     OCTOBER: 3-hour Webinar and 1on1 Coaching

+     NOVEMBER: 3-hour Webinar, 1on1 Coaching, and Guided Personal Retreat

+     DECEMBER: 3-hour Webinar and 1on1 Coaching

+     JANUARY: 3-hour Webinar and 1on1 Coaching

+     FEBRUARY/MARCH: 48-hour Coaching Retreat in Orange County, CA 

+     ONGOING ONLINE CONNECTION: Private Facebook group for the purpose of ongoing encouragement, interaction, resource sharing, and ideas

< October – February dates will be chosen by participants >


$1500 (plus travel and resources expenses). Payments available, if needed.

Coaching Group - Value Yourself

You are worth it.

These six months can be immeasurably more than anything you could ask or imagine. What will you gain by saying YES? 

You are loved, Ezer Warrior.

You are an Ezer