Lessons from Granny

Last month my Granny whisked the girls of our family away for an incredible getaway in Cabo. We’ve never done a girls trip. Probably because we live on 2 continents, in 4 time zones, and have 14 kids under 12 years old between us all. But snuck away for 5-nights during Women’s History Month because Granny wanted time with her favorite girls. We joined into the stream of women’s history with that trip. There were gobs of conversations about silly things but also the deeper, painful, heart-consuming issues of life as women.

Ezer + Co. wasn’t even an official company yet, but I knew I wanted my 85-year old Granny’s voice to be among the inaugural voices.

On our final morning together before getting on planes home to different parts of the world, I asked if she’d be willing to share some of her insight and story. She reluctantly agreed. It’s beautiful to see how far we’ve come since my Granny was a girl, and yet how far we’ve yet to go…

One of my favorite nuggets of wisdom was “Life is a whole teaching episode.”

May Granny’s words be a teaching episode in your own story…

Q: What would you want for your granddaughters and great-granddaughters?

Q: What do you have to say about the marginalization and oppression of women in your lifetime? What do you hope for the voices of women?

(Spoiler: I may be a lot like her)

What my Granny taught me about being an Ezer:

We belong together. Wisdom from the ages, intergenerationally. We live our stories better when we know where we’ve come from so we can know how to move forward better.