As a communicator, I’m committed to speaking words of life that will prompt transformational action,
light up a creative way forward, and
open us up to wholeness.
It’s a privilege to come alongside your ongoing work.

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    “When April enters a room, the empathy she has for others is most evident; and, her willingness to see the future that’s not yet…makes her not only one of my favorite communicators to listen to and be inspired by, but one of my favorite people on the planet to learn from.”

    “Whether she is speaking to adults or teenagers, women or men, young or seasoned leaders, April is a gifted communicator. She is clear, compelling, and able to inspire others through her words, her stories, and her wisdom.”

    “April’s life work is to invest in and develop people, and she’s great at it! She has the unique ability to communicate with authority and vulnerability, seriousness and humor, and insight and practicality. Without a doubt, April will serve you well!”