As a communicator, I’m committed to speaking words of life that prompt transformational action, light up a creative way forward, and open us to our whole self.
It’s a privilege to speak into your ongoing mission and community.

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    It doesn’t matter if April is in front of business leaders in board rooms, or with entrepreneurs and visionaries in coaching settings, or speaking to communities of faith, she’s always prepared, on point, and positioned to move people from here… to there. That’s what great communicators do. That’s what leaders do. It makes April not only one of my favorite communicators to listen to and be inspired by, but one of my favorite people on the planet to learn from.”

    “April’s life work is to invest in and develop people, and she’s great at it! She has the unique ability to communicate with authority and vulnerability, seriousness and humor, and insight and practicality. Without a doubt, April will serve you well!”

    “Great male communicators are a dime-a-dozen, but if you find a great communicator who happens to be female, she is worth gold! April Diaz is one of my favorite communicators, male or female. I invited April to be the keynote speaker at a men’s retreat. She hit it out of the park and the men were talking about her insights for months afterwards. I whole-heartedly recommend one of my favorite communicators of truth, April Diaz. She is pure gold in my book.”
    “April’s voice is an important one. There are a lot of leaders out there, but not everyone is prophetic and not everyone is an ally to women and people of color. April effectively uses her gifts and her influence to help bring the vision of Kingdom diversity and partnership to life.”