You Are Here

There’s a lot I could worry about now. Fear is readily accessible. I definitely have some regrets I could focus on. I have some insecurities about the days ahead. You too?

And yet here we are. Alive. Breathing. Held…even with our worries, fears, regrets, and insecurities. Connecting through this email. Taking a moment to be here now. What a freaking gift this present moment is.

This month in our membership community we’re focusing on our spiritual wholeness. One of my favorite quotes by Dallas Willard is that the only place God ever meets us is exactly where we are now. 🙌🏾 I love that about God. God never wishes for what was or fantasizes about the future. God is here. Now. With us. Selah.

So, right now I want to practice with gratitude being here with you now. I’m grateful for the unseasonably warm SoCal sun shining outside my window. I’m grateful for technology that allows you and me to connect across living rooms and time zones. I’m thankful for the men who follow Ezer + Co. and are committed to becoming better partners with women. I’m thankful for how you’re saying “YES” to yourself these days, especially if it’s counter-cultural and brave. I’m grateful for every dollar folks have invested into themselves and Ezer + Co. this year, trusting us to be a part of their wholeness journey. I’m thankful for the profound privilege to lead this community of Warrior Women and partnering men.

I’m thankful for you – however you found us and for whatever reason you stay connected to us.

Gratitude for what’s here now is a powerful force.

This next week practice one of these 5 ideas and watch how gratitude expands in you here and now.

BEGIN THE DAY WITH A SMILE: Before you get out of bed, turn that frown upside down! 😄 Actively creating a smile on your face sends happy hormones through your body and sets the tone for a great day.

MEDITATE: Pay attention to your senses, thoughts, and emotions without judgment. This can foster a greater appreciation for the here and now.

LISTEN WITH YOUR BODY: It’s too easy to ‘listen’ to someone else looking at the phone in your hand or planning a response to their words. Practice being grateful for the person in front of you by listening not only with your two ears but with your whole body.

Shift Perspective: Reframe current challenges or difficult situations by asking the question “What if this isn’t happening TO me, but it’s happening FOR me?” Don’t waste what’s hard in your life.

GO ON A BEAUTY WALK: Especially when the seasons change, take a walk in nature or through your neighborhood while actively focusing on the beauty around you. Pay attention to the sights, sounds, and sensations, and express gratitude to the Creator for the creation.

Gratitude for the present not only grounds you in what’s here now, but it elevates the joy within you. I could use more of that and I bet you could too.

Be sure to let me know what you do! I love seeing your name in my inbox. I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving with those you love. Next week, we’ll look at how gratitude for the future grows our hopeful expectancy.