You Only Need This If…

If there’s a twinge of “yup” or “ugh” when you read that quote, pay attention. It’s your body and soul telling you that there’s life-giving work to be done. Recently, I was listening to a friend share through tears a part of her life she’d “forgotten” about. But the memories burst to the surface in an unexpected event and she doesn’t know what to do next. With all the empathy and conviction I could summon I said, “Friend, reclaim your whole story.” Her tears confirmed the truth that what happened matters, it affects her, and there’s hope for healing.

But you can only reclaim your story if you’re willing and open. All transformation begins with these postures. It’s all you need to take the next step. They’re courageous postures but it’s actually easier than living under the weight you’re currently tolerating.

Consider your one and only life for a moment. It’s been a series of moments, events, experiences, people interactions, highs and lows, beautiful and broken moments. It’s all formed you into the person you are today. Some parts of your life you remember and embrace. Others … not. If you haven’t experienced any pain, disappointment, brokenness, dashed dreams, unfilled promises, unmet expectations, disruptions or interruptions, change of plans, awkward transitions, or disconnected emotions, you don’t need to reclaim your story. You’re good. Carry on.

But if you have experienced any of those things, chances are you still need to reclaim parts of your story, to nurture them back into the wholeness of your soul. There’s equal power and surrender that comes as you do that work.

Everything we do at Ezer + Co. is about transformative development so you can live + lead with your whole self.

We’ll do that in a number of ways, but perhaps it starts with reclaiming your story. That’s why this infant company is beginning her life with a 5-week online course so you can do exactly that.

But you only need this course if you…

  • believe some of your story doesn’t matter

  • don’t believe you’re not enough

  • have hang-ups about how you were created as a woman

  • don’t know how to connect the dots within story so it’s integrated and whole

  • believe any lies about who you are and what you’re created for

  • hide from some of your experiences, pain, shame, or wounds

  • have unfulfilled dreams

  • have fears holding you back

  • have experiences that have left you scratching your head

  • lack closure, healing, or connection from a broken relationship or job

We all need to reclaim our story!

That’s the powerful thing about it all!! As we reclaim the broken and the beautiful, we become more of the Ezer we’ve been created to be. Don’t skip too fast to what you’re going to do in the world as an Ezer. You can always do more, but who you are becoming is everything. It shapes everything you do.

Own your story, reclaim it so you don’t spend your whole life running from yourself. You’re worth it. Own it.

You have through Friday to register for the online course.
You are worth it.
(or until spaces are filled)