10 Simple Shifts for Your Life + Leadership

If you’ve had a difficult time STARTING or STOPPING habits or practices this month, you’re not alone. Accountability and support are often needed to change behaviors and experience ongoing transformation.

SHIFTING habits may be the easiest of the three options. Why? Because it’s more about tweaking what you’re already doing and subtly altering your behavior. Your brain doesn’t freak out as much.

But my favorite part about making shifts is that it’s the quickest way to experience ongoing transformation AND it ultimately leads you to an entirely different (better!) destination. Simple shifts FTW!

Here are 10 simple shifts you can make to alter your trajectory:

  1. SHIFT PERSPECTIVE. If what you focus on expands, shifting what you’re focused on may be the ultimate shift. There are a number of ways you can choose to look at your current reality. Choose a perspective that aligns with where you want to go moving forward.
  2. SHIFT RESPONSIBILITY. It’s easy to point the finger at someone else’s behavior, but you’re only responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Ultimately, responsibility is responding within your abilities. See how that shift empowers your life and leadership!
  3. SHIFT YOUR WATER INTAKE. Are you drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day? If not, drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. Dig out a water bottle and fill it up! Shift from drinking one coffee or soda every day to downing a hydrating, pure cup of water. Your body will thank you!
  4. SHIFT YOUR MORNING ROUTINE. Bedsides drinking a glass of water to start your day, begin your day with deliberate actions by adding one new element to your morning routine, such as meditation, stretching, or setting your priorities. This sets a positive trajectory for your day.
  5. SHIFT YOUR BEDTIME. If you’re not getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night, shift your bedtime to at least 30 minutes earlier and see how you feel in the morning.
  6. SHIFT SCREEN TIME. On your phone, set-up screen time limits and weekly report of your screen time usage. Enjoy all the “extra time” you have when you’re not mindlessly scrolling.
  7. SHIFT YOUR THOUGHTS. Identify a repetitive negative thought and replace it with a more beneficial thought. Download the “I am – daily affirmations” app. It’s a POWERFUL way to train your brain to think healthier and more positive thoughts.
  8. SHIFT YOUR SPACE. Declutter a closet or drawer. Clean off your desk. Clear out your closet. The mental clarity you’ll receive is exponentially worth the 15 minutes of effort.
  9. SHIFT YOUR TIME. There’s nothing worse than filling up your days with time suckers. Download our “Create More Time” Checklist and discover 30+ ways to expand the hours in your day in more life-giving ways.
  10. SHIFT YOUR ENERGY. What’s one thing or one person that expands your energy? Download our simple “Energy Expanders and Exhausters” Exercise if you want to dive deeper into your energy.

What shift is most compelling and desirable to you? 

Start with one simple shift and see how it opens up your energy, time, and capacity. You’re likely to make another shift because you see the fab benefits!

What experiments did you practice this month? What’s something you started, stopped, or shifted that’s opening up more transformation in your life and leadership? Take action and get results. 🧡