10 Things to Stop this Autumn ๐Ÿ‚

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, or stretched in your life and leadership, this may be your favorite email in this series!

One of the tragic mistakes I see in our work is for every “yes” there needs to be a conscious, corresponding โ€œno.โ€ Otherwise, we keep adding to our plate without taking anything away, and then you know what happens: You stop prioritizing yourself. No mรกs, amiga.

Here are 10 things you can STOP in this season to recover your life:

  1. Stop ignoring mother nature. As the days get shorter and cooler, seize every opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities before winter arrives. Whether it’s hiking, picnicking, or simply going for a slow walk with a loved one, make the most of the crisp autumn air.
  2. Stop procrastinating. One of the greatest ways to get and stay stuck is to delay doing what you need to do.
  3. Stop neglecting YOURSELF. You know the cliches – You can’t give from an empty cup. You have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. You are your first priority!
  4. Stop overloading your schedule. You have ALL the time you need to do what’s for you. Determine your top 3 priorities this month so you have space for what matters most to you.
  5. Stop wasting food. Fall brings an abundance of seasonal produce like pumpkins, apples, and squash. Embrace the flavors of the season and reduce food waste by cooking and preserving what’s harvesting this season.
  6. Stop Skipping Exercise. Movement is crucial for your physical wholeness. As the weather cools down, it’s tempting to skip regular exercise routines and begin hibernating. NOPE. Instead, maintain your physical activity by finding indoor workouts, joining a gym, or experimenting with new fall activities like hiking or pumpkin picking.
  7. Stop isolating. The cure for loneliness is connection. Reach out to a woman you’ve wanted to connect with in our membership community or another friend you’ve been ignoring.
  8. Stop ignoring your gut. When you have a sense of what you need to do, do it. Your gut is called your “second brain” for a reason.
  9. Stop hustling. Grinding it out only leads to exhaustion and you’ll never find wholeness in the hustle. Surrender what’s not yours to do and cease striving.
  10. Stop avoiding. Do what you need to do next. Have that difficult conversation. Schedule that appointment. You’ll feel so much better after you do.

Fall is a season of change, and letting go what no longer serves you well. Stop the activities, practices, and habits that are making your life harder and less whole. By making conscious choices, you can make the most of this beautiful and transformative time of year.

Next week we’ll look at practices you can SHIFT in this season, because sometimes you need a simple trajectory shift that will guide you to a different destination.ย 
Don’t forget: You 100% can lead yourself toward wholeness in this season and every season.