2 Reasons You’re Done with ’21

Most of us are over 2021. Done. Finished. ACK.

Are you ready for a new year? A fresh start? A reset to begin again?

Does that describe your current reality? Before you wish away the rest of this year, there’s likely one of two reasons you’re ready for this year to be done.


This year has been relentless—filled with uncertainty, undesired changes, and more demands then you’ve been able to process.

You need rest over the holidays, sister! It’s likely that no one will miraculously give you space to recover your life, so you need to claim it. Carve it out like your life depends on it because it does!

Please, do NOT go into a new year as exhausted as you are now. If you do, nothing will change in 2022. It will only get worse.

Wholeness begins in your body, so do what’s necessary to re-energize yourself.


Your exhaustion is telling you that something needs to change moving forward. You can’t continue with the same habits, practices, mindsets, or patterns you’ve had this year and expect to feel differently this time next year. (If you do, that’s called insanity and I’m sure you’re not that!)

One of the beautiful things about being human is that you get to iterate into better versions of yourself. Allow your exhaustion tell you where you’re overextended, need new skills, quit what’s hurting you, make better decisions, or upgrade a current habit.

Making shifts moving forward doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong, it means you’re growing. Bravo!!

OR, Both.

Since you’re human, I’m going to suggest it’s a combo of BOTH reasons. You both need rest over the holidays AND you need to make some shifts going into the new year.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. Take some time before we toast on NYE to rest and determine what you need moving forward. If you need a little help, we’ve got you.

Download our free 2021 Year in Review.

It’s a simple guide to help you listen to your life. We’ll help you look back over this last year, look within for what your life is saying ot you, and look ahead to what you really want—and need!—next year. But don’t rush the process and randomly choose goals that you’ll likely abandon by February 1st. Take the time to let your life speak.