Why You Won’t Achieve Your 2022 Goals

How’s that for a perky title? Hang with me, Warrior.

But I won’t lie to you. It’s not “New Year, New You”. You won’t achieve the 15 goals you’ve got for this year. You are the same person today that you were on December 31st.

January is full of hope and hype. But the research is pretty dark about the percentage of people who achieve their goals.

Specifically? Less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions beyond January, and less than 10% of people actually accomplish them at all!! (Forbes 2018)

How can you increase those dismal odds? What are the chances of success with different actions?

  • 42% when you write it down

  • 65% when you tell someone supportive

  • 76% when you write out AND send progress reports to friends

  • 95% when you set specific accountability appointments

This is why coaching works. All of those elements are at play when you participate in a coaching group (even more powerful than 1:1 coaching!).

If you’ve got stuff you want to do this year, sign up for our FREE Activate Your Goals: 3-part challenge.

When you sign up, you’ll get access to three 12 minute videos with handouts where I’ll share 3 NON-NEGOTIABLES so you can achieve your goal this year and NOT be one of the statistics.

I’ll guide you through a simple 1-2-3 coaching process:

  • ONE non-negotiable truth to give you a pathway for taking action toward your goal

  • TWO action steps you will determine to complete before the next part

  • THREE reflection questions to go deeper

It’s not going to be rocket science, but it will give you results and new systems so you can accomplish what you want in 2022.

What you want matters. You matter.