3 BIG objections

In our last post, I shared what makes our coaching groups different from anything else out there. You can learn more about those here:

Maybe you’re thinking…

“I have so much going on…Will this really work? I’ve never done coaching before and can’t afford something that doesn’t work for me.”

I respect that! Let me cut through the BS and keep it real.

If becoming your whole self was as easy as listening to a podcast or soaking in a bubble bath, every woman on the planet would be living her best life!!!

Wholeness requires MORE than that. It takes 

  • willingness to invest in yourself
  • commitment to participating in the journey
  • supportive community that has your back
  • action to start, stop, and shift what you’re doing for different results!

It reminds me of why Celina signed up last summer. She felt lost herself in caring for everyone else and leading in a demanding leadership position. There was a degree of desperation to have something different in her life and leadership.

She’s only halfway through her coaching group and she’s already getting massive results.

Celina determined her top goal to “Clearly articulate and live into my passion so I can move to my next position with confidence, conviction, and maximum contribution.”

She’s got a million plates spinning but she’s made a number of simple shifts that’s already changing her life. Before Christmas she said, “These weekly check-ins are so realigning! My mental positioning is SO different. Coaching is really prioritizing what’s most important.”

With two little kids, a husband in school, and a BIG job, Celina had every excuse not to join a coaching group. But no reasons outweighed her commitment to wanting something different. Willingness and committed superseded all the barriers. We found a way together.

Like Celina has found: You don’t have to do this by yourself. We help you from the moment you sign up so you’re never left guessing and never left alone.

Sound good but have some concerns? These are 3 big objections we hear most often:

  1. “I’m not sure what my top GOAL would be.” Our pre-work helps you nail this.
  2. “I don’t have the TIME.” Our bonus “Create More Time” Checklist shows you how to free up necessary time each week so you have PUH-LENTY of time.
  3. “I don’t have extra MONEY for coaching.” Our bonus “Make Your Money Work” Checklist will blow your mind and help you find the dollars to rest assured when you join a coaching group.

When I designed this coaching group journey, I knew increasing your wholeness and living into your potential were NOT quick fixes. I wanted to create sustainable change immediately and for the long-term.

You’re living and breathing to feel anchored and propelled in your life. You’re here to make an incredible impact in your family, workplace, community, and world. But it won’t accidentally happen.

It requires you to work the pathway toward wholeness. It requires you to start, stop, and shift your mindset, behaviors, and habits.

Want to achieve results where they matter the most to you?

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Because we keep our groups cozy and intimate, there are limited spots available. So, stop questioning your gut and register now. 😘