You won’t find this anywhere else

As this year begins and you’re evaluating your potential and desires for more, I wanted to talk about something you may be wondering…

“What makes our coaching groups different – WORTH IT?”

Seriously. There are endless leadership and personal development options out there – many for free or ultra cheap. Why choose our coaching groups to help you become more of your whole self and live into your full potential?

Here are three things you won’t find anywhere else. (Trust me, I’ve looked. That’s why I ended up creating this high-touch, transformational experience.)

1) Our coaches are next level. Every coach has participated in our coaching groups, is certified in the Developmental Science of Coaching, AND is trained personally by me. We use cutting-edge coaching models and time-tested practices to help you achieve what’s most important to you.

2) personal coaching with a group dynamic! When I say this is an “experience,” I mean it. Every week for six months, we’ll lock arms and work through the six dimensions of your wholeness. This happens best through…

  • Group coaching sessions – large and small. This is where you receive practical training, process your journey, get your questions answered, and learn from other badass women.
  • Personal 1:1 coaching sessions to focus on your own journey, keep you on track, and accelerate the wins along the way!

3) The Warrior Women themselves. The women in our community are incredible. We have each other’s back and encourage one another when it gets tough. We come from different backgrounds and experiences, and we “get each other” in a way that’s unlike anything else I’ve seen.

In our coaching groups, you’re never a number, and you’re never alone. We not only know your name, but we know your story. And we’re here to support you through the highs and lows.

Want an experience that’ll help you stop settling for less and reach for  your potential with your whole self? Join The Warrior Woman here.

If you own your own business or are in a senior leadership role, join The Executive Warrior Woman.

2024 is yours to write. You get to become more of your whole self this year and achieve a goal that matters most to you! Let’s do it together!