After you decide what you want … what’s next? 🤔


Have you thought about your answer to that ONE question? If you missed our virtual coffee date last week, see the one question I’d most definitely ask you HERE.

I love some of your responses to that question:

  • I want to reclaim my voice.
  • I want time for myself without feeling guilty.
  • I want to wear a swimsuit this summer and feel good in it.
  • I want that promotion.
  • I want to feel connected to other women.
  • I want a seat at the table.
  • I want to double my salary.
  • I want more energy.
  • I want to LOVE my personal style and feel confident in the clothes I wear.

Your desires aren’t coincidental. I tend to believe most of our desires are born from a good place and are planted by God. And when we pursue what we want, we can bring more of heaven on earth.

But answering the question, “What do I want?” isn’t the end.
The next question is imperative to answer because if you don’t what you want becomes overwhelming and filled with despair.

After you name what you want (I shared 10 ways to begin that process!), what do you do next?

Do not skip ANY of these steps…

  1. Write it down. Add juicy details and get specific on everything about it.
  2. Say it out loud. Go stand in front of the mirror. Look at your brave, beautiful self and say it like you want it. Words create life. Since the beginning of time, words speak reality into existence.
  3. Tell a supportive person. Only tell someone who’s gonna say, “OMG yes! I love this for you!!” If you don’t have a real life person you’re confident will respond like this, email me. I’ll support you!
  4. Get accountability. This is the game changer. When someone holds you to what you want, the odds are strongly in your favor to get what you want.

Here’s the thing: getting what you want in your life and leadership rarely happens on accident. It invites you to do the work do start, stop, and shift your behaviors so you naturally get the results you want.

This is major reason why our Warrior Women Membership Community exists.We not only raucously support your desires, dreams, and goals, but we’ll provide the critical accountability along the way. Getting what you want most likely happens in community. Join today! Our next LIVE Q+A is on Tuesday at 4p PT. It’s space for you to show up, ask ‘that’ question, and move forward.

Take those 4 steps forward. It’s easier than you think!