Brothers: A Prayer of Confession and Blessing

Dr. Kevin Doi - Ezer + Co.

Dr. Kevin Doi

Guest Post

First, a quick word from April.

As we kick off The Global Fringe series today, these words from Dr. Kevin Doi, an Asian-American leader and chaplain at Fuller Theological Seminary, posture us well as we engage stories about wholeness in body, mind, and spirit and our full partnership with men.

Dr. Doi stood in front of the crowd on May 1, 2019 and led our brothers in a responsive prayer of confession and blessing (35:25 – 37:56).

LEADER: Women of the church, we confess the ways we have hurt you, the ways we have not seen you, the ways we have not heard you. We confess the ways we have ignored you, dismissed you, silenced you, and committed violence against you.

BROTHERS: As men, we grieve what we have done to you and what the world has done to you.

LEADER: Sisters, we affirm your worth, your voice, your gifts, your presence, your being–individually and collectively. We see you, we hear you, we value you. The body of Christ is woefully deficient without you. The church needs you, we need you. As men, we desire to be your partners in the ministry of God in the world.

BROTHERS: We affirm you as seen, chosen, anointed, and beloved of God, who commends your faith. It is your faith that the body of Christ needs to be well.