Change means 2 things

On Monday my family found a new place to live. Today is my kids’ last day of school. Tomorrow we move in to our new home.

Even though we’re only moving a few miles away, it still feels like a major move. I’m SO excited for a beautiful, new home so I can heal, but I’m also grieving what we’ve lost these last 15+ months since I got sick.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the leadership axiom:

Change means loss and change can meet a longing.

Even if the change is welcomed and needed, there’s still loss. Graduation. Wedding. Moving. Death after cancer. Job change. Breakup.

Last week I talked about how you are the most important person you’ll ever lead (read the article HERE). No matter what’s happening in your life, you’re still responsible to lead yourself toward your whole self.

Our lightning-fast move is reminding me of how much we need each other. We’ve had so many people give support and practical help in this crazy season. It’s saving our lives.

If you’re in a position to help to a friend, specifically offer what you can give – a meal, shoulder to cry on, your presence, network of support, running errands, gift cards, moving boxes. I’m learning that saying “let me know how I can help” rarely results in the received asking for anything.

If you’re in a position needing help, accept what’s helpful when it’s offered, even if it’s uncomfortable. You’re not meant to go through changes alone. The losses feel lighter in community.

You really do need others to lead yourself to your whole self. I’m so grateful for you and this community.

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