Don’t Quit

Have you heard about Quitting Day? I’m shocked (and a little embarrassed) that I’ve never heard about this stat until now! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I shared this reel to briefly explain the Strava study of 800+ million activities revealing that 80% of people who start new habits or working toward a goal quit after 19 days. 🤯

It’s surprising, but not really.

Which leads me to ask you – are you still taking steps toward your New Year’s resolution, 2024 goal, or word of the year?

If you’re like most of us, you’ve already quit. It’s not you, it’s your systems, structures, and support. Intentions and motivation can get you started, but they die off quickly … like, within 19 days.

What makes me so sad about these statistics is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You have these dreams, goals, desires, and hopes for a reason.

The statistics beg for answers – What are you doing differently this year to not become a statistic? How are you ensuring your personal growth and leadership development? Who is walking with you to support you and hold you accountable? What trajectory shifts will give you an advantage?

Whatever is coming up right now, write it down. I’d love to hear, too.

If you have physical goals for this year, don’t miss this workshop…

The response to this workshop was so encouraging. Many of us are experiencing current physical trials and/or want to prevent future ones.

Your body is the foundation for your wholeness. Not only is your body constantly changing, but it impacts every other dimension. To care for it well makes or breaks your ability to fulfill your potential.

My own health challenges this last year have taken me to an entirely new level of learning how to pursue physical wholeness. I’m sharing the distillation of everything I’ve learned in this 1-hour workshop, including resources (and discounts) to the most valuable products that I’m using.

If you missed the live workshop, but it would serve you well, the recording is available now!

If you’ve quit, you can start again!

⏰ And… if you want more accountability and support to dramatically increase the likelihood of whatever you want to see happen this year, reply quickly and I’ll tell you about a SUPER LIMITED opportunity to still join a coaching group next month! 😉

Don’t quit.