Could your emotions use a boost?

It’s the month of LOVE, which can be super triggering if you’re feeling a lack of self-love or feeling loved in your relationships.

Love is a verb and an emotion – it’s something you DO and FEEL. 

There’s a profound connection between love and your emotional intelligence (EQ). It’s worth paying attention to for your personal growth, leadership effectiveness, and fulfilling relationships. WHY? Because your EQ is the #1 indicator of your success! 

So, what is EQ? It’s your ability to

  • recognize your own emotions in real time
  • recognize other’s emotions in real time
  • manage those emotions to develop positive behavior and healthy relationships

What’s encouraging is that while your IQ is fixed, you can increase your EQ with practice over time. 

Love, in all its forms, flourishes on empathy, compassion, and effective communication – all of which are key components of EQ.

When your EQ increases, you become more adept at navigating relational complexities. You can express your feelings authentically, comprehend your loved ones’ emotions, and respond lovingly.

Love is a dynamic force that deepens and matures over time.

Incorporating EQ into your relationships fosters a sense of emotional safety and understanding. It allows you to navigate challenges with resilience and grace, fostering deeper belonging over time. As you become more attuned to your own emotions and others, we pave the way for a richer, more fulfilling connection. (Amazing how interconnected the wholeness dimensions are, right!?!?)

Do you see your need to grow your emotional intelligence?!? Me too. ☺️

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