Hold Out Hope

Christmas is coming. There’s so much that this holiday means to me, but at its heart – Christmas is hope. I don’t know if I’m more attentive to loss and pain this time of year or if there’s more of it than normal, but I’m acutely aware of the grief within me and so many I love. ❤️‍🩹

December seems to spotlight living in the tension of hope and pain.

Fifteen years ago this month we had yet another failed infertility treatment and I could hardly breathe. My womb barren.

Thirteen years ago on Christmas Eve we canceled our flights to Ethiopia and we spent Christmas crushed, wondering when or if Judah and Addise would ever come home to our family. My arms empty.

Five years ago in my season of unemployment we couldn’t buy our kids Christmas presents, but a dear friend responded to a Spirit’s prompting and sent us $500 to get gifts under our tree. My bank account drained.

Last year my grandmother passed away on December 3rd. My family changed.

This year has been one of the hardest years of my life. Over 9 months of my body breaking down has been nearly devastating to our family and Ezer + Co. My body and soul weary.

And yet, I’m filled with hope for you and me because Christmas is when the Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood. A Word that creates life. A vulnerability that expands our capacity for courage. A hope beyond today’s circumstances that inspires us to keep moving forward. This is the hopeful work I’m committed to doing in myself, our community, and our coaching.

What does hope mean to you? What does it represent, sound like, feel like? When you’re hopeful what’s happening in your body, heart, mind, relationships, and soul?

In the coming days, may hope grow within you no matter your circumstances. May you have confidence, not only in your own abilities but even more in the One who became like us to offer hope forever.

If you haven’t downloaded our annual 2023 Year in Review, now is a good time. There will likely be an hour or two in the coming week that you can sneak away to work through the guide. It will do good things to grow your hope. It’ll serve you well as you finish this year and begin anew. 🧡