I’ve quit playing small once and for ALL.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived in the tension of feeling like I was either “too much” or “not enough.”

One time, a male boss told me that I needed to develop my “soft skills” because I was too intense for “some people.”

I’ve been told I’m too emotional.

Or not emotional enough.

I’ve felt the implicit messages that I shouldn’t want to make more money, because that’s my husband’s job. I haven’t asked for a raise that I deserved because I felt like I should just be grateful for what I was given (even though I was the lowest paid person on the executive team).

Multiple times, I’ve been told that my ambition wasn’t godly.

Last summer, I broke through an invisible barrier that’s been holding me back for most my life – I quit.

I’ve quit playing small once and for ALL.

The tension and emotional exhaustion of playing small is too great, and I’m done with it. And I’ve never felt more myself since that crucial decision.

I was a special guest on the Lead Bold podcast several months ago, and I sensed today that you needed to hear these words. After sharing about the journey I look to quitting, I ask some questions to help you stop playing small once and for all, too. 😘

I hope you’ll quit playing small with me. 
No one benefits by you not living into your God-given potential. 
You are responsible to become your whole self. 
What struck you from the podcast? I’d love to hear!