My Trajectory Shift: Where it All Began

About 15 years ago, I was coached for the first time. I was connected with one of the premier coaches IN.THE.WORLD to coach me for a year toward becoming “more fully engaged” in my life and leadership. (Seriously, Dr. Jack Groppel is a legend in the coaching world!! He’s coached some of the top tennis athletes and Fortune 50 executives … and then he coached ME as a 20-something-year-old! Bless.)

First, we had to define reality and figure out what was really going on with me. So, I took an assessment to get started. It was bad. I thought I was killing it in life, but the results revealed that I was “seriously disengaged” both physically and in my rest/recovery. The assessment revealed the truth I wasn’t willing or able to see before.

I learned that if generally where we’re struggling—or stuck—the most is where we’ve stopped participating in our life.

The truth can hurt.

Next, I needed to decide what I wanted to do with my results. Becoming “fully engaged” both physically and in my rest and recovery patterns became my goal for the next 12 months.

I wasn’t doing the work in my overall wholeness. Some areas I was thriving in, but a serious lack of participation in two dimensions of my life was leading me down a road and I didn’t like the destination.

After a year of coaching and doing the work to change my beliefs and mindset and building better habits in my physical and rest/recovery engagement, I took the assessment again. 

I WAS FULLY ENGAGED! It wasn’t magic. No woo-woo was involved. I didn’t even “learn” all the much in the process. I had to do the work to become more whole.

Not only did the deliberate work in a few areas improve, but it also produced massive changes in other areas of my life and leadership. 

That year changed the trajectory of my life.

I’m convinced I would not be where I am today in my life and leadership without that year of coaching. It hasn’t stopped. I’ve consistently engaged trained coaches and other guides in my life and leadership since that pivotal year.

As you engage this “Introduction to Your Wholeness” series, begin with the truth that your wholeness is interconnected. Often when you begin doing the work in one dimension, it will produce a valuable change in another dimension. You can make a trajectory shift that will seriously impact your life now and down the path.

You were created to live aligned, connected, and integrated in your whole life … PRAISE HANDS! 

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