Wholeness is…

Every woman I know wants to grow, live into her fullest potential, and make the greatest impact with her life and leadership.

I bet you do, too.

But there’s a LOT that gets in the way!

  • Our past failures, shame, disappointments, regrets, and unfulfilled dreams, and

  • Our present less-than-perfect circumstances, overwhelming responsibilities, lack of direction, limiting beliefs, and settling for status quo, plus

  • Our future anxieties and glass ceilings steal the wholeness that’s your birthright. 

We can work SO.VERY.HARD to compartmentalize, stuff, hide, ignore, and stay unaware of what’s holding us back.

And that’s all just how we hold ourselves back … we haven’t even mentioned the patriarchy, unsupportive relationships, systems, and structures that keep us from living and leading with wholeness. Ugh.

All of that stuff steals your wholeness. But you were created for wholeness in every dimension!

Do you know what’s incredible?

The root word of “healing” is “wholeness”.

Wholeness is coming back to ourselves in the way we were purely created to live and lead. Wholeness is the result of doing healing work in every dimension.

Whew. That’ll preach.

So, before we move on let’s define wholeness.

We’ve done the work with leading experts in human development, spiritual formation, and leadership development to define wholeness for women like this…

We believe a few things about wholeness:

  • Wholeness is NOT a goal. It’s either the life-giving work you’ll do for the rest of your life or the exhausting work you’ll avoid. Wholeness increases as you do the work.

  • Wholeness IS interconnected. The more alignment you bring to your life and leadership, the more wholeness you’ll experience. When wholeness increases in one dimension, there’s a direct impact in at least one other dimension. The primary dimensions are physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual, and rest/recovery. We slide in sexual and financial wholeness into several of those primary dimensions.

  • Wholeness IS about life in all its fullness. That doesn’t mean it’ll be easy-breezy, happy-go-lucky, but it does mean that you were created for a life beyond your imagination if you choose it. Most of us skim the surface of life, but wholeness insists we wake up to experience the fullness of life.

  • Wholeness IS about living into your potential. God’s given you gifts, experiences, and skills for a purpose. You choose whether or not you fulfill your potential. It’s your privilege and responsibility to increasingly live into what’s possible in your life and leadership.

Even with that knowledge, the pathway toward wholeness can feel complicated at best and crushing at worst. Sifting through the endless options to figure out your best next step and a transformation pathway is a lot. Figuring out a wholeness pathway that works for your life and leadership feels HARD—so much so that we don’t do anything!

We feel you. We get it. We’ve been there, too!

Activating you toward increasing wholeness is what we’re all about. Want to explore your wholeness a little more? Choose your own adventure:

  • Read up on the first dimension: physical wholeness. Wholeness begins in your sleeping, nutrition, and movement patterns because your body is your fundamental source of life.

  • Learn more about our 6-month online coaching groups where you’ll increase your wholeness in every dimension and achieve a goal that matters most to you.