New Year ≠ New You (but it does equal new clothes)

Let’s re-think NEW for this year.

My kids got a lot of new clothes for Christmas (apparently I only took pics of Addise’s new clothes— below). It wasn’t that their old clothes were bad. They simply outgrew the old clothes. They no longer fit their growing bodies. They wore out the old clothes—holes in the knees, tattered, and worn well over the year.

While they were SO excited about the new clothes, they were also hesitant to let go of their old clothes. The old clothes were familiar, well worn, comfortable, and some had become their favs. But in order to make room for the new clothes, we had to let go of what was no longer working.

My kiddos needed new clothes because the old ones were no longer working for them.

So it is with us, Ezer. You don’t need to become a NEW YOU this year. You need to become more fully who God created YOU to be. You need more wholeness in your life and leadership.

In order for that NEWNESS to expand within you, you need new clothes. You’ve grown in the last year. You’ve worn your old clothes out. But you need to get rid of the clothes that aren’t working for you and upgrade your wardrobe. That likely means you need new practices, rhythms, habits, skills, and resources.

I keep thinking about David who had King Saul’s clothes placed on him. They were heavy and ill-fitting. They weren’t right-sized for his own growth to becoming a King.

What’s this mean for you? What new clothes do you need to put on? Only you can answer that question.

At the same time, I’m 100% confident that signing up for a coaching group would be like right-sizing new clothes for this year. As you continue to grow and pursue wholeness in your life and leadership, our coaching groups are designed to get you results where it matters most to you. Our coaching is like custom-tailoring with the best patterns for your life. It’s not heavy or ill-fitting. Our coaching groups fit you where you’re at now and for who you want to become moving forward.

Because I’ve been coaching for a long time, I know this journey will change your life. It’ll be the breath of fresh hair, a burst of hope, and boost from within that you need to be made new.