One Thing I’ve Got Wrong

I love goals (duh). My Enneagram 8w7 is all about challenges, breaking through barriers, and achieving meaningful results.

But there’s one thing I’ve got wrong – both personally and as a coach – and it’s cost me a lot of peace, joy, and honoring of the process. Too often I’ve focused on the outcome but haven’t fully worked the process. Many times I’ve focused on the end results, but if I’ve ‘failed’ I miss the gains and lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Instead, do this:

Focus on your effort over outcome

Some of my favorite moments as a coach are when a client surprises themselves and achieves WAY more than their original goal. More often than not it’s because they’ve focused on their effort.

You can’t control the outcome. You can control your effort. Choose to participate in your life in such a way that whatever the outcome it will be beautiful and right for you.

What will your effort be this month? I’d love to hear.